Welcome to a revamped-ish Here We Go Again. If you see anything broken will you let me know?

Friday Night Leftovers- Thanksgiving Feast Edition 

•Elizabeth’s school had a Thanksgiving feast yesterday. Ryan and I went and had lunch with her. (Well, Alex came too, but she’s small and barely animate.) They sang Thanksgiving songs and then we had food. I like food.

•Ryan ran around on the soccer field playing tag with a good portion of the first grade. He was so proud of himself for being a big kid. 

•Alex took a nap and spent the rest of the time staring at people.

•While we were in line for food, Elizabeth brought over every member of her class that she could find, one at a time, and made them admire her baby sister. 

•I am basically done Christmas shopping. The kids need a few more things but Matt usually buys most of their stuff so I am holding back for him. I’ve even started wrapping things already. 

•I really love my Roombas. I come into a room and it has been vacuumed while I was gone. You cannot beat that. 

App to Consider- Glympse

When we got Elizabeth her cell phone for emergencies, Matt loaded it up with useful apps and security features. One of the ones he put on there is a locating app called Glympse. After he set it up for her, she has an icon on her home screen that she taps and it sends me a text with her location. The location lasts for whatever amount of time you’d like and updates instantly. So we get Elizabeth to send us her Glympse when she gets on the school bus and when I get it, I leave for the bus stop. I can watch the bus drive away from the school, turn around in the neighborhood near the school, and drive to the bus stop. It even shows me how fast she is traveling. I can watch the bus turn the corner on the app and then look up and see the bus turn the corner in real time. (The other location app we use- Life360- doesn’t update in real time like that.) 

It also works to send your location to people in your address book who do not have the app on their phone. I’ve tested it with a few friends and most of them have been able to see my location on a map and have the option to route to me. (I don’t know if there’s some kind of incompatibility with some phones or what but one or two people I’ve tested it with haven’t been able to make it work.) So having this app on your phone might end up being really helpful if you were trying to meet someone somewhere or show someone where your house was the first time they came over. 

(This isn’t paid or an ad or anything. Just something I wanted to share because I’ve found it helpful. And I think the app was free.) 

Picture Wednesday- Sneaky Christmas Edition

Normally I don’t start Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving but this year it has been creeping up. The baby needed new sleepers in a larger size so I bought her Christmas ones because why not? And then I put the Christmas sheets on all the kids’ beds because I was changing sheets anyway. I’m going to resist on putting up the decorations for a while longer though. 



















I Ryan

Ryan woke up from his nap today while I was in the next room over, changing the baby’s diaper. I heard him chattering to himself for a few minutes and then he started calling me. 

“Mama! Mama! I wake!” 

“Okay! I’ll be there in a minute, buddy!” 

(Thoughtful pause.) 

“Mama. I RYAN.” 

“I’m sorry. I’ll be there in a minute, Ryan.”