Welcome to a revamped-ish Here We Go Again. If you see anything broken will you let me know?

Friday Night Leftovers- Sleep Edition

•Just now, Elizabeth asked me “Mama? What are those moving rooms called?” “Uh, elevators?” “That’s it!”
•Ryan used to love his nap. And he still likes it once he falls asleep and takes a good nap. But he has realized that the rest of us don’t go to sleep and keep doing things that are fun. So he now weeps when it is nap time in protest of missing fun stuff.
•Elizabeth needs to start going to bed at night without all this fuss. Good grief. We have been dealing with bedtime reluctance since before Thanksgiving. I sometimes think she will never be a good sleeper until her brother is old enough to sleep in her room with her. All she wants is to not sleep alone.
•I have recovered (I think) from the holiday/visitors extravaganza and I am working on the house again. I am still in maintenance mode from the things that got cluttered and disorganized when my attention was taken up with other things but now at least I am doing it again. Hopefully I can get the house finished from the move before too much more time passes.
•I still have some fairly large projects to do. We still need a couple of large pieces of furniture and several rooms still need things like ceiling lights or shelving installed. And don’t get me started on the garage. I’ll get there eventually. Maybe. Our bedroom was still in dismal shape in Georgia and we lived there for four years.

Permanent Train Table

Ryan got a train table for Christmas. He likes them to be permanent, so the track doesn’t move around, so we glued most of the pieces down with wood glue. It worked great on most of it, but all the ramps and elevated track keeps falling apart. This frustrates him and he doesn’t play with it as much. Any ideas for attaching those kinds of things so that they’ll stay attached?


(We have plenty of loose track elsewhere for him to free build with. We want this one to be attached.)

Night Night

Every night after pajamas and teeth and all the other stuff, Ryan and I sit in his rocking chair and read some books. His current favorites are Hello, Texas (my parents live in Texas and sent it to us) and Hello, Florida (I thought Hello, Texas was so cute that I bought this one when we moved back to Florida) and two cheap Target Dollar Spot books that are shaped like trucks. And every night we read them in this exact order. When we are done with each of the truck books in turn (the fire truck one is first, then the school bus one), Ryan kisses it goodnight and we put it down beside the chair to go to sleep.

It’s pretty adorable.