The 2014 Halloween Costume Plans

by HereWeGoAJen on September 15, 2014

We all know that holidays that involve me dressing my children up are very important to me. Due to the move taking up so much space in my brain, I haven’t begun to think about Halloween costumes until very recently.

For most of the year, Elizabeth has wanted to be Violet from The Incredibles and have her brother be a force field. While I give her full marks for creativity, I don’t particularly want to make a Violet costume and I have no idea how to make a force field costume for a two year old. So we’ve been considering other options. I think she’s settled on Snow White and we are debating whether Ryan should go as a forest creature or the prince. Elizabeth is strongly on the side of the prince and I (and all of twitter) vote for a forest creature. (He’d make a cute Dwarf too, let’s not forget that.) (Elizabeth also votes for me to go as the Wicked Queen and part of her quest to get Ryan to be the prince has gotten her to say Matt should be the forest creature because then I’m sure to be satisfied and she can have her way.) (Matt and I do not usually dress up on Halloween.)

So, internet. Here’s what we need. Find me the cutest forest creature costume. Unfortunately, it can’t be one of those heavy fleece ones as it is still often in the 80s here on Halloween. Short sleeved. I have a pattern/ technique in my head for Elizabeth’s Snow White costume already and those are also available commercially if I get stuck or decide all this sewing is not worth it. If I can buy a cute forest creature costume for not too much money, then the debate is settled as I will definitely have to make a prince costume and I’m not sure I have time for two costumes with all the move stuff going on too. (I’m so tired of unpacking, yet it never ends.)

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Friday Night Leftovers- Too Late Edition

by HereWeGoAJen on September 12, 2014

•I’ve just spent far too long unpacking and organizing in the guest room instead of going to bed. Wild Friday night over here, guys.
•Today was No Uniform Day at Elizabeth’s school and she picked out all her favorite things. No Uniform Day is a fundraiser for the school- you pay $2 to participate. I don’t mind at all. Elizabeth likes it, the school needs money, and it beats selling wrapping paper and magazines.
•I had to do some paperwork stuff at Elizabeth’s school today so we went over about a half an hour after drop off. The office was really busy and we were waiting for a long time. There were two kids there who had been sent down by their teacher because they weren’t wearing their uniforms but they hadn’t brought their two dollars. I was surprised the school bothered to stress over it, but I suspect it was one picky teacher as there weren’t any other kids there who had forgotten their money and I’m sure that wasn’t limited to one classroom. The office was trying to find them spare uniforms to wear but they hadn’t had enough donated this early in the year so they couldn’t find any. Finally I just went up and paid for them.
•If you want to get in with the office staff, hand them $4 that makes a problem disappear for them.
•And if you REALLY want to get in with the office staff, let them keep the entire $20 when they can’t find any change for you and tell them to use the rest of it whenever another small problem like this crops up in the future.
•After we got our paperwork registration done (I didn’t give the school Elizabeth’s social security number so we had to register in person for something that everyone else could register online for), Ryan broke into sobs when I tried to make him leave the school grounds without his sister.
•I’m kind of sort of starting to feel like there may some day be an end to the unpacking. Except I can’t find the brackets to hang my giant whiteboard schedule (even though I KNOW I’ve seen them since we got here) so things are terrible. I missed a meeting at the school that I was going to go to because I forgot it. (It was like a PTA meeting, no one noticed I wasn’t there but I intended to go.) I don’t forget things! I have a system! But I don’t currently have a system because my brackets are missing.
•It’s a snowballing problem too. I can’t hang my whiteboard because I can’t find the brackets. I can’t hang my cork board until I hang the white board. I can’t hang my wall hooks until I hang my cork board. And I can’t hang up Elizabeth’s hair clips until I hang up my wall hooks. And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.
•I did switch the dryer door to the other side last night though, so my life is incredibly improved that way. I had to hang over the dryer door to load the laundry before and now I can just put it in normally like a civilized person.

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Buttons and Zippers

September 11, 2014

My New Year’s Resolution this year was to stop leaving stuff in the sink and instead push it down the garbage disposal and run it. It sounds so easy. But this turned out to be the hardest habit to break. I’ve got it about 85% of the time now so I am adding a new […]

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Brother Love

September 10, 2014

Matt was home today when I picked Elizabeth up from school, so I left Ryan at home. Elizabeth got in the car, asked where Ryan was, and then proceeded to tell me all about her day. She then needed to talk to Daddy, so we called home and she chatted with Matt and then talked […]

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Reverse Schoolology

September 9, 2014

Elizabeth is absolutely loving school this year. She’s a big fan of big kid school. She loves her class and her teacher. So far she’s reported no major problems, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will stay that way. A few weeks ago, near the beginning of school, Matt and I spelled something […]

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Family Tradition

September 8, 2014

Tonight while I was making dinner, Elizabeth and Ryan were doing that loud, rough, noisy kind of playing where I keep yelling “you guys better quit it before someone gets hurt!” Obviously they don’t and Ryan threw a block at his sister’s face. (Throwing is his new thing. It’s fun. But at least he got […]

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Friday Night Leftovers- Long Time Edition

September 5, 2014

•Elizabeth’s special prize was a pencil. A pencil WITH A PURPLE ERASER! I know! Basically the best thing ever. •She also informed me that her pencil “doesn’t have a sharpie.” She means it isn’t sharpened yet and I love that she’s still little enough to mess up words occasionally. •Instead of going to bed on […]

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The Special Prize

September 4, 2014

Elizabeth came home from school today with a story from class. She says that the regular line leader (it’s Bella this week) had already left for the day, so Elizabeth was chosen to be temporary line leader. (The story is already getting exciting! Line leader! On a day that it is not her week to […]

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