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Friday Night Leftovers- Again

•I cannot believe Christmas is so close. I know that’s a cliche but really.
•I have been staying up late after the kids go to bed to do things like write Christmas letters, assemble Christmas cards, pack up out of state presents, etc.
•But tonight I am going to bed early.
•But tomorrow night I need to start putting together the “some assembly required” presents.
•I am also taking the kids to get their Christmas pictures taken tomorrow. I really hope it goes well. This photo studio has been hit or miss for us so far.
•All the in-house family Christmas presents are finished and most of the extended family ones. I just have a few more to get.
•I normally do turkey for Christmas dinner but this year I am thinking of beef. What sides would you serve with fancy beef?

Student of the Month

Obviously, blogs are for bragging when our children are awesome. So may I present the Student of the Month for December?


The theme for the month was responsibility so apparently at some point during November, she was responsible while at school.

We went to her ceremony this morning. Ryan got all dressed up in his formal suit because he was very proud of his sister. When I told him that we were going to Sister’s school, he happily shrieked “OH!” and ran off into the other room. When he came back, he had packed himself a lunchbox. Because that’s what you do to go to school, you know. He put in applesauce pouches and trains.

When we dropped Elizabeth off at the door of the school, Ryan burst into tears. He thought he was going in with her. We just went around and parked and came right in so that was okay with him.


When we got in line to sign in at the school door with the other parents, Ryan got in line too and solemnly took a visitor sticker too.


When Elizabeth had gotten her award and was standing up to get her picture taken with the other students, Ryan ran up to her and gave her one of his applesauce pouches. He also ran up to her in line and gave her a hug. They really like each other.

After the ceremony, we had cookies and juice with Elizabeth and then walked her back to class. She was more pleased about the cookies than the certificate so that seems about right.


On Sunday, I took the kids to the Grand Floridian at Disney World to see the gingerbread houses and get hot cocoa and cookies. We rode the monorail around the loop and stopped at each of the hotels.

The Contemporary has a Frozen themed gingerbread house this year. Elizabeth shrieked “Oh, Mama! It’s a Small World Anna and Elsa house!” She loved it.


The Polynesian doesn’t have a gingerbread house this year because of the construction going on there. They’ve had Lilo and Stitch themed ones in the past though.

The Grand Floridian definitely has the best one.


After we got back, we shopped at the fancy bath store on the second story of the Grand Floridian because Elizabeth loves that store and I sneaked a few things for Santa to bring. As an aside, the woman in front of me in line spent $664. At the bath store.

We went downstairs and discovered the line for cookies and hot cocoa was ridiculously long. Oddly, the kids didn’t mind skipping it so we just left. As we were walking out, I took Elizabeth and Ryan’s picture with Richard, who carried the train of my dress at my wedding.


The Grand Floridian is a large hotel and they have a little fleet of golf carts that they use to drive around guests and luggage and maintenance people and the like. We were passing by the entrance to the golf cart parking area when one drove in front of us. My curly headed, docile two year old put up his hand and yelled “‘TOP!” at the top of his lungs. The cart did ‘top and the driver looked at Ryan. Ryan repeated that the golf cart should stop and then pointed at himself. And this is the story of how Ryan got someone to stop working and drive us around the Grand Floridian in a golf cart.

Picture Test

Now, the real test. Uploading pictures from the mobile app and seeing if they work. (I have faith because Dresden is the best.)