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Friday Night Leftovers- Small Talk Edition

•We went to the residents social at our country club tonight. Matt was at work so the kids and I went without him. I hate small talk. 

•I really hate small talk. I’m no good at it and it takes so much effort. 

•But I know I have to do it because if we are going to live here and I barely leave my house, I need to get to know people somehow. 

•Elizabeth skips right over small talk and goes right to “would you like to play mermaids fairies princesses?” She makes friends faster than I do. Maybe I should try that. 

Changing Table Reuse

When Elizabeth was small, she didn’t have her own room. Her crib and changing table were in our bedroom. We’ve moved twice since then, so all the rooms and furniture configurations are different now. We originally bought an “official” changing table because it was smaller than a dresser and we barely had room for it as it was. Now that all the kids have their own rooms, we don’t need the changing table because we’ve just put a changing pad on top of their dressers. 

So I moved the changing table into the playroom and we now use it as a toy shelf. It’s actually really great for the larger toys that don’t fit in my toy bins. 


It ended up being a really great way to reuse a piece of furniture that would have ended up being a single purpose otherwise. 

Saint Patrick’s Day

Here are some Saint Patrick’s Day pictures. Matt and I are both part Irish- I think around a quarter each. And it is our only overlapping heritage, so our kids are more Irish than anything else. This is trivia only, neither of us particularly identifies as Irish or really cares much about Saint Patrick’s Day other than a minor holiday. But you know, it’s fun. 

I did Elizabeth’s hair as a shamrock today. It was not quite as successful as her Valentine’s Day heart but good enough. It wasn’t quite balanced and her hair was just a teeny bit too short. But next year I will have it for sure. 

(If you want to replicate this, it’s just three of the heart braids aimed towards each other. Start with three pigtails and go from there.) 

After school, I took them to the country club near our house and they played in the arcade for a while. 

Then they made pretend Shepherd’s Pie out of candy in the kid’s club. (Not pictured.) (But mints that looked like peas and carrots, tootsie rolls for meat, and cotton candy on top for mashed potatoes. Actually pretty cute.) 

They were also handing out lots of cute accessories. Elizabeth got shamrock glasses and a necklace that she pretended was a bow and arrow. 

We ate dinner on the patio and the kids ran around outside while I ate corned beef and cabbage. I took their macaroni and cheese home for later. 

And they both fell asleep much more quickly than usual. Not a bad night at all. 

Roomba, Part Two

I have mentioned here before how much I love my Roomba. Greatest purchase of my adult life. I love clean floors so I love running it so I clean up every night so I can run it when I go up to bed. It’s made the whole house so much cleaner, not just vacuumed, but clutter free. 

I recently decided that I wanted a second Roomba for the upstairs. My upstairs always gets messy because we spend so much more time downstairs. So I don’t walk around picking up like I do downstairs. Mess tends to stick around longer upstairs and multiply. I felt oddly guilty wanting a second Roomba (it seems so spoiled!) but I have wanted one for a long time and I finally decided to do it. I told Matt to watch out for deals and get me one for my birthday. (My birthday is in June.) He said it could be my birthday present, but I should get it now to make my life easier because I’m pregnant. (I like him.) So he found a nice discount on one (Bed, Bath, and Beyond- discounted and then the 20% off coupon stacked on top) and I now have two Roombas. I’ve been preparing the upstairs, almost ritualistically. I’ve been removing all the loose cords and getting rid of the piles of “deal with it later” clutter so that the Roomba can run without getting caught on anything. I cannot wait to have the same upstairs tidiness that I have downstairs. I am so much happier when my house is clean and I love that I have found what works for me to keep it that way.