Welcome to a revamped-ish Here We Go Again. If you see anything broken will you let me know?

Tooth Fairy Key

Emily sent Elizabeth a tiny tooth fairy key in a little bottle in the mail, along with a letter from the tooth fairy. Elizabeth was thrilled. She is certain it was from the real tooth fairy. She took it upstairs at once, tried it in her tooth fairy door, and then found a good hiding place for it in her room.   
Then as she was doing her homework, she had to write a sentence for each of her spelling words. She did the entire page in tooth fairy themed sentences. 

I really like “get out of the tooth fairy’s way!” and “does the tooth fairy wear a hood?” 

Tag Team Bus Stop Parenting

This afternoon when I picked Elizabeth up at the bus stop after school, one of the other parents wasn’t quite there yet. His kindergartener knows me so she waited with us while she waited for him to get there. Since it was really windy, I opened the car up and let them all climb in while they waited. (The bus stop is in front of a large apartment complex and serves it and our neighborhood. The our neighborhood kids are usually driven because it’s more than a mile away. Most of the apartment kids walk by themselves  because it is close.) One of the other little girls that usually walks home told me that her mother wasn’t here yet too and she should also wait with us. So she climbed into my car too and Elizabeth and these other two little girls all giggled and climbed on everything and were delighted. It was only a few minutes until the first little girl’s dad got there and she ran off to see him. Suddenly, now that the exciting part was over, the second little girl remembered that she was supposed to walk home after all. Funny how that all worked out. 

Friday Night Leftovers

•I finally got Ryan a haircut today. Since his hair is so curly, he can go a long time between cuts and this was only about his fourth haircut ever. It’s definitely a little too short. I need to figure out how to ask for the right haircut. Boy hair is still new to me. 

•Matt and I got a fancy little oven for Christmas from my parents. They have one and we used it when we were visiting and Matt has wanted one ever since. It’s like a toaster oven but more so. So now we have a nightly fresh baked cookies habit. It’s not a bad habit to have. 

•The weather here has been going from the 30s up to the 80s in the same week. Some days we’ve been running the heat and the air conditioning during the same day. I have weather whiplash. 

•Elizabeth’s school is celebrating 100 days lately. But oddly. Kindergarten had their party yesterday, third grade was today, and first grade is on Monday. These are all the grades I have access to at the bus stop so that is all I know. Shouldn’t they all be on the same day? 

•One of the little boys at the bus stop is in kindergarten and he was dressed up for 100 days. (He was dressed as a 100 year old man, as is popular for these things.) He told me he was taking 100 cupcakes to school. His mom said “What? No, you’re not.” I like this little boy. 

•I’ve been doing my streamlined routine for three days now and it is going well. The house is cleaner and I have caught up on laundry. I shall continue on and report back. 


I hate getting behind on things. I like everything to run in an orderly fashion, mostly the same as it always does. We’ve been in a time of transition this last week, plus still getting caught up on everything from our extended Christmas. Matt’s moving to a new shift at work and while it is FAR preferable to his old shift, it still is requiring a bit of a routine learning curve. 

Anyway, this is to say that I just took the Christmas tree down (Ryan was very sad) (I was too) and it is February. I have no idea how it got to February without me noticing. I got an email yesterday that had the dates wrong and said that next weekend was March 13th and for a while, I didn’t notice it was wrong because everything has been so disjointed. 

I feel like I should have a conclusion here but: disjointed. Just like life around here lately. Have some pictures of cute babies.