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Emily Love

For those of you who are friends with Emily of Emily’s Hollow, we are organizing some support her way. Since I like to give you options, here are three different ways you can send some love: 

1. Pick a night from this meal schedule to arrange for dinner. When you sign up, you enter your email address and I will send you a list of places that either deliver to Emily or that they can pick up easily. I will also include suggestions of things they like to eat from that restaurant. On your scheduled day, you can order online or call their local restaurant and arrange for their dinner. This will be really helpful because they won’t have to THINK about it, dinner will just appear. I know for me, the deciding and mobilizing dinner is often the hardest part. I’ve ordered food remotely for out of town friends before and it’s pretty easy to do. 

2. Donations towards childcare. They are losing their nanny at a most inconvenient time so if you wish to help here, you can send some money via PayPal to herewegoajen at gmail and they can use it either towards temporary childcare or towards the process of finding a permanent nanny. 

3. Kid distractions! If you want to send a package to Xander and Luna to give them some activities to do so their mama can have a break, email me at herewegoajen at gmail and I will send you shipping details. Xander is four and Luna is two. They love playing Candyland so think similar. Books or small toys would be welcomed too. They are little so you don’t have to get too complex, but some distraction for them would be a welcome break for their parents. 

If you have any questions or any ideas, leave a comment or email me. And please share this post with anyone you think who would like to send some warm internet love in Emily’s direction.  


We told Elizabeth about the new baby and the next day, she went to school and made this for her classroom wall. 

It says “I love my baby brother or my baby sister because it’s cutie.” 

She’s pretty excited. 

Thursday Night Leftovers-No Further Title Edition

•Ryan has a train set upstairs and a train set downstairs. Even with both, he brings so many trains downstairs whenever he gets a chance that I had to set up a special basket in the living room for him to store them.
•Elizabeth has Friday off this week. We plan to do nothing.
•I am very behind on laundry. I have three loads of diapers that I haven’t folded and put away, not to mention all the other laundry. Three loads of diapers is a whole week’s worth. So this means that A) I have a lot of diapers since I haven’t run out yet and B) I am waaaay behind on laundry.
•I’m getting tired of what we normally have for dinner. Because of Matt’s work schedule we have dinner at weird times, so it can’t be too complicated. I just need to find a few more staples to mix in with what we usually have.