Welcome to a revamped-ish Here We Go Again. If you see anything broken will you let me know?

Friday Night Leftovers- Still Hot Edition 

•The air conditioning still isn’t fixed. Thankfully it is still limping along. It’s averaging about 83 inside. That is liveable though not ideal. It would probably be in the upper nineties in here if we had no air conditioning. 

•Also thankfully, the upstairs one is working the best and the bedrooms are pretty cool at night so no one’s sleep has been disturbed. 

•I cannot find suitable curtains for the bathroom and that annoys me. I have looked at Target twice and nothing! Soon I will have to look at another store altogether. 

•It’s not particularly hot in here as long as you hold still. Which means I have done as little work as possible this week. I’m tired of doing nothing but also it’s too hot to do lots of physical work. 

•I gave Ryan an extra cup of milk after dinner tonight and he told me that I was the best mama ever. I enjoy being able to make his day with such a small thing. (His milk intake is rationed because of his feeding therapy. If he has unlimited access to milk, he eats no food.) 

•I got some hard boiled egg molds for Elizabeth that force the hard boiled eggs into fun shapes after they are cooked. She’s really pleased with them. Another child’s day made. 

•Alex has all kinds of opinions now. She’s still a smiley happy baby if you do everything she wants, but if not, she YELLS at you. 

Halloween Planning

It is almost September so I have been pressuring the kids to figure out what they want to be for Halloween this year. Elizabeth is debating between Rey from Star Wars or Violet from The Incredibles. She’s considered Violet several times before but has never actually done it yet. The first year she wanted to be Violet, she wanted me to dress Ryan up as her force field. Now she just wants him to be Dash, the baby to be Jack Jack, and Matt and I to be the parents of course. 

  • Ryan wants to be a fireman. When I told him that is what he was last year, he amended his choice to an ambulance girl. There’s a Lego figure we have that drives the ambulance and I think he wants to be her specifically. He’s not being swayed by me trying to get him to choose something that would fit into the group costume. (Because Squishy is clearly to small to make up her own mind and she’s either going to be BB8 or Jack Jack.) But I think I may have done it. I got him to agree to be an ambulance girl who is disguised as blue BB8. (Blue BB8 is what he calls R2D2.) He agrees that he will be an ambulance girl but no one will be able to see that costume, just his blue BB8. If I can actually pull this off, it’s going to be great. 


So our air conditioning went out. We have two units, one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. I noticed yesterday that the downstairs was warmer than usual. And then I realized I had been hot all day but hadn’t really paid attention to it because it’s Florida in the summer, I’m used to being hot. I looked at the thermostat and it was reading 83 degrees. I checked the upstairs and it was hot too, 84 I think. 

We have a program through the power company where they can cycle off our air conditioners if the grid is overworked and in danger of brown-outs so I was hopeful that is what was happening. They are only supposed to turn them off for up to fifteen minutes at a time and you aren’t supposed to really notice but it was 106 degrees outside so maybe there was more need than usual? 

I flipped some switches and checked some filters and looked at the outside units and I didn’t see any problems. I waited a bit longer and then declared that there was a problem.

The upstairs bedrooms were cool enough as long as I kept all the doors closed and the curtains shut, so we managed to sleep okay. In the morning, I called the repair company and they came out in the afternoon. 

Both units are broken. At the same time. With different problems. The downstairs compressor is shot and the upstairs was leaking coolant. It’s likely that the downstairs has been failing for a while and the upstairs has been attempting to compensate, which then caused it to fail faster than it would have otherwise. 

Thankfully we are under warranty for the parts and the company (which sold the air conditioners to the builder I believe and certainly installed them) is going to cover the labor for us because dude, two air conditioners should not fail like this only two years after we built the house. (Also, this is like the fifth service call we’ve had on them.) So this is miraculously not costing us any money, which I am shocked by (and extremely grateful for.) The downside is that we have to wait for parts. For a week. Did I mention that it has regularly been 106 outside in the afternoon? The repairman today put some more coolant in the leaking one so it’s working a little but it’s only managing to keep it down to about 83. That’s liveable but whenever I do any kind of work, I get too hot. So I think I am going to be holding still for another week. 

Tummy Show

Matt watched a lot of the Olympics when he was around and Ryan watched some of it with him. Ryan has lately been obsessed with stomachs. We have no idea why or where this came from. He’s not particularly interested in belly buttons, just stomachs as a whole. So the Olympics were a nice opportunity for him to see some stomachs. His favorite events were women’s track events because he was pretty much guaranteed some midriff viewing. He called them “tummy show” and that’s what he wanted to watch whenever the Olympics were on. So yes, we did end up watching YouTube videos of old track and field events from the London Olympics while live (well not live because NBC is stupid) non-track Olympic sports were going on. 

Please refer to all track events as tummy show from now on.