Welcome to a revamped-ish Here We Go Again. If you see anything broken will you let me know?

The Jen Playroom Challenge 

I decided to time myself when I cleaned up the playroom tonight. Normally I make the kids clean up themselves but due to school projects and late dinner and fussy baby sisters, we were running behind. So I let them off tonight and I did it myself. 

Here’s what I started with: 

Ryan had been playing cars and trains, in several different versions. Typical. Out of view, Elizabeth had been playing mermaids. Typical. 

And clean up- GO! 

(Edited to add: the times are in minutes and seconds, not hours. It was pointed out to me that it looks misleading.) 

Midway through check in:

And done! Matching up all the tiny pieces of Ryan’s book sets was actually what slowed me down the most. He had three different ones out and they each have twelve pieces and they all look similar but go to three different sets. 


Baby Dister, Walk! 

Ever since Alexandra was born, Ryan had been wondering why she didn’t wear shoes when we went out. I always told him that she didn’t need shoes until she learned to walk. After about four or five times, Ryan accepted this answer and moved on. 

Then he found a tiny pair of shoes in her drawer that had been Elizabeth’s. He brought them to me and asked me to put them on her. So I did and I laid her down and asked him how he liked them. He pointed at her and forcefully said “ahh Dister, WALK!” 


(She did not walk.) 

This morning, we did the grocery shopping after we took Elizabeth to school. Alex was in the wrap and snoozing away, as she does when she is carried like that. The cashier who was ringing us up and she started chatting with Ryan. She asked him if that was his sister. So Ryan told her that his ahh dister was asleep. (Ryan still requires me to translate for him when he’s talking to other adults.) She said “I can see she’s asleep, I’ve seen her sleeping all over the store while you shopped. She was asleep when she walked in the door.” Ryan frowned and said “ahh Dister NO WALK.” And then he continued to lecture her about the fact his baby sister cannot walk until we left. 

Giant Pill 

I was putting Ryan to bed and before I carried him upstairs, I wrapped him up in a blanket. I said “look, Matt, I can still swaddle him.” Elizabeth misheard, giggled and came over and kissed him. She said, “hi, giant pill! I can swallow you!” (Elizabeth recently learned to swallow pills and is very proud of her new grown up skills.) Ryan looked deeply insulted and said “no, me RYAN.”