Welcome to a revamped-ish Here We Go Again. If you see anything broken will you let me know?

Disney Errands

Something that blows my mind is that I now sometimes have legitimate errands to run at Disney. Yesterday, I had something to return, the kids needed haircuts (and the barber shop on Main Street is the best kids haircut place around), and I needed a birthday present for a little girl’s upcoming birthday party. So we went to Disney. 

Ryan’s before haircut picture. 

Elizabeth during. She wants to grow her hair out so she just got a trim. But it had been so long that the woman asked me if we wanted to keep the layers in her hair. Uh, she doesn’t have layers. It’s just uneven. 

This is why Elizabeth likes getting her hair cut at Disney. 

She was SO HAPPY. 

Ryan did NOT want to get his hair cut. He complained and whined the whole way there. When it was his turn, he shocked me by compliantly climbing up into the chair and behaving perfectly. He kept saying “Mama, I am being bery calm.” 

They cut too much off but I have still not figured out how to tell them what I want. I need a reliable set of instructions. 

He liked it. And it looked better once I ruffled it up a bit. But this is what I call his George Clooney haircut. He’s had it once before. 

We went on the carousel. Alex had never been before that she could remember. I think she liked it… 

This poor woman in front of us in line. I don’t know how it happened but she had Elizabeth’s glitter on her. I never saw Elizabeth touch her. I think it was just in the air. 

Jet Update

Tonight Ryan is sleeping with his jet, his car carrier ferry boat, and his (well officially the Easter bunny brought it for Alex but that’s a technicality) submarine. He’s also sleeping kind of sideways because there is barely room for him in there. 

No, My Jet

Tonight Ryan was crying out in his sleep while I was on my way to bed so I went in to check on him. He woke up a little when I came in and he was shifting around in his bed. I took out his giant airplane that he sleeps with now and asked him if it had poked him. (Because seriously, it’s a huge plastic airplane with sharp corners. That can’t be comfy to sleep with.)He said no, so I asked him what was wrong. He mumbled a little and I decided he had just been a little disturbed in his sleep and no big deal. I patted his back and told him to go back to sleep and I would check on him later. He murmured “I want my dad.” I kind of internally went “awww” and said “you want your dad, buddy? I’ll see if he’s awake to come see you.” And Ryan, with much more enunciation, says “no, I want my JET.” 

Friday Night Leftovers- End of Camp Edition

•Elizabeth had a super great time at camp. Really fantastic. 

•Her counselors remarked on her impressive animal knowledge when I picked her up today. They said she knew the answers to all the trivia questions they asked. She has been training for this moment her entire life. 

•I am glad she had such a great time but I am not too sad camp is over because I spent SO MUCH TIME in the car. Camp is a half hour away each way so that’s a minimum of two hours in the car every day (there and back and there and back) and we got stuck in so much traffic this week that it was more like three or four hours in the car every day for me and the younger two. 

•Ryan and Alex and I spent an hour or so a day at Sea World since we were there anyway with Elizabeth and we have annual passes. It was nice in the mornings but it was too hot otherwise. (We did one midday and one afternoon, trying to feed the sharks. Morning is the way to go.) 

•Elizabeth was telling me about her day one day and she just dropped in “and then we took the flock of flamingos for a walk.” And they did, her camp group herded a flock of flamingos around for a walk. I’ve never been so jealous of a bunch of seven year olds. 

•Alex really liked seeing the fish and she learned how to sign fish in baby sign language.