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Friday Night Leftovers- 3rd of July Edition 

•Elizabeth loved camp. She fed a bunch of animals (just today, she fed a shark, stingrays, and alligators), petted a penguin named Penny, stroked a dolphin named Aurora on the tail and got splashed with sea water and basically did a bunch of stuff that made me jealous. They also rode all the rides and saw all the shows and sang songs and did crafts and played games. 

•Ryan did not like camp. He thought we were over this foolishness of leaving Dister at places like “school” and “camp” and making him be separated from her all day. Most days he had to be carried out of camp drop off with his little face buried in my shoulder in disappointment. 

•I took the kids to our neighborhood fireworks display tonight and it was great. I don’t think we can ever do anything larger. Ten minutes before the fireworks started, I was sitting in the club lobby in a comfortable chair, we had front row viewing for a fireworks display that was shot off from a field in front of us, and ten minutes after it was over, we were back in our house. The reason we haven’t done fireworks up until now is that it is always such a hassle and keeps you out so late with parking and crowds and etc. 

•Ryan said “whoa” and “wow” almost every time another firework went off. He also occasionally got a little overwhelmed and hid his face in my neck but for the most part, he covered his ears with his little hands and said “wow.” 

•Elizabeth was in bliss. She loved every minute of the show and by about one minute in, she was using her arms to kind of conduct the fireworks. After it was over, she asked me if I thought she was really controlling them. I said it certainly looked like it. She said that’s what she thought too. 

Seriously, Buddy? 

We got the minivan washed and detailed. And seriously detailed, like they removed the seats and shampooed all the upholstery and basically it looks almost new. I had to move all the car seats around to make room for baby sister and since I was taking the car seats out, I might as well wash them all, and since I am washing the car seats, we might as well clean the car too, right? 

The car looks AMAZING. I haven’t let the kids eat in it since. (This will not last but maybe for a week or so.) But this morning I had a doctor’s appointment (just a standard one, calm down) and I forgot the stroller I usually have Ryan sit in. So he had to sit in a chair the whole time and behave himself with no restraints. He did awesome. So when we got back in the car and he wanted a juice box, I gave him one. He always sucks down juice boxes immediately because they are pretty rare and doesn’t make messes with them. 

Well, until now he doesn’t. I got to the first after appointment errand and opened his door to find him spraying the juice box all over himself, his car seat, and…my freshly cleaned car. Less than 24 hours. The first time in his life he ever used a juice box as a projectile. Because of course. 

Hot Help Car

Last week, we had a terribly loud thunderstorm. There was a particularly loud crack of thunder and then we lost power. I found out later that lightning hit a crane in the subdivision next to ours. (Our neighborhood is brand new and there is a lot of construction so there are things like cranes and bulldozers all over the place.) We had no power for two hours (and it’s Florida and summer so it was getting HOT) before the power blinked on again. 

Then we had about a one minute reprieve when I was happy. Then every smoke detector in the house started going off simultaneously. And you guys, nothing would stop them. I am not stupid about fixing things around the house. I install ceiling lights myself. I can do general home repair stuff. Nothing would stop these. And while I was trying to stop them, it was unbearably loud in there. The kids were upset, the dog was freaking out, and I cannot stand loud noises so it was hard for me to keep it together. 

Our house is still under warranty so I called the warranty people (from the back porch) and explained what was going on. The warranty guy told me to take the batteries out and it would stop as soon as I found the one smoke detector that was causing the problem. So I did that. Nope. I called back. He said that when I took each one down from the ceiling, it would stop. Then he proceeded to tell me all about why this was a good thing that my smoke detectors couldn’t be silenced even though my house was not on fire. It was one of the more condescending things I’ve ever been told. I hung up on him. I took down all the smoke detectors that I could reach. (I’m not exactly svelte and athletic at the moment and it was really hot and loud in the house. Not to mention I was alone with the kids and they were sitting in my car in the garage to avoid the noise so I had to keep checking on them.) 

Nothing worked. Our smoke detectors had been going off for an hour and a half at this point with no break. I finally called the fire department. 

I called the non emergency number and explained everything and they said they would send out a truck. I was very clear that we weren’t having an immediate emergency and I was fairly certain that the house was not on fire. 

The kids and I went and sat out on the driveway. They got out their wagons and bikes and played while we waited and the noise was only annoying from outside, not deafening. Finally, all of Ryan’s dreams came true: 

The firemen went in the house and finally got it to stop, but not before they completely disconnected every detector in the house. They said they hadn’t ever seen anything like it. 

Then they noticed Ryan’s complete awe and hero worship. 

They got out fire hats and stickers and bracelets and gave them to both kids. Ryan was so overcome he could barely speak. (I’m sure it helped that there were fire trucks all over the house while they were walking around and those weren’t even special for their arrival, those were just Ryan’s every day fire trucks that he had been playing with before he knew they were coming.) 

When they drove away, Ryan waved and blew kisses and basically, besides the noise, it was his best day ever. 

And the next day, an electrician came out and tells me that he fixed all the smoke detectors but I guess we will see the next time we have a power outage. 

Wake Up

We’ve been so busy lately that I keep having to wake my children up to be on time for things.  

I feel like this is one of the only times where someone is thinking “I can’t wait for the baby to be born and we will finally have more time and get more sleep!”