Cute Baby Monday

by HereWeGoAJen on September 29, 2014

This is another picture testing post because I think I may have fixed the giant pictures issue. I can’t tell until I actually post it and then go look though, so we will see.

(Updated: darn it, not fixed. I shall try again later.)










by HereWeGoAJen on September 26, 2014

Ryan is two today. This seems unbelievable since he is clearly a tiny baby. I know everyone says this but seriously, he was just a tiny baby.

He’s getting his official birthday day tomorrow, when everyone is home for the day and we have plenty of time to lavish him with attention and presents. Elizabeth is a bit concerned about the fact that there hasn’t been any mention about birthday presents for HER for Ryan’s birthday. Clearly some kind of oversight. Someone should look into this.







September 25, 2014

Ryan and I went to the volunteer breakfast at Elizabeth’s school today. Ryan adores going into the school at any point because he pretends to be all grown up and marches around like HE is a kindergartener and where should he pick up his backpack? So we were in the cafeteria, he had himself a […]

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September 24, 2014

Today, we drove past a field of cows. Elizabeth wanted to know what cows are used for. So I told her. She said that it is unbelievable and that cows and hamburgers don’t look anything alike. My favorite part was when I mentioned that it isn’t until after the cows die that we get things […]

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Rice Crispy Treat

September 23, 2014

Like most schools nowadays, Elizabeth’s school doesn’t allow the students to share food. This is totally sensible of course, allergies and such. (It makes me nostalgic for my childhood where school lunch time was a bargaining table, but I get it.) One day, Elizabeth came home from school with a story. It was one of […]

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The Hot Dog Story

September 22, 2014

While I was taking my shower tonight, I was thinking about a story from when I was a summer camp counselor twelve years ago, so now I am going to tell it to you. It was the summer before Matt and I got married and I was at my parents’ house in California. I spent […]

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Friday Night Leftovers- Pan Fried Dumplings Edition

September 19, 2014

•I took today almost completely off from new house stuff (like unpacking and organizing and installing) and just did regular house stuff (like cleaning and laundry). It was definitely necessary. •Today was Talk Like a Pirate Day and Krispy Kreme was giving away free glazed doughnuts. Ryan and I both dressed up like pirates and […]

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Dog Shenanagins

September 18, 2014

In our old house, Trin generally slept out in the hall. Here that isn’t working because she’s been barking too early in the morning and waking everyone up. (The construction on our street starts as early as four in the morning sometimes.) So for the last few nights, I’ve shut her in my closet when […]

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