Betwixt the Two

by HereWeGoAJen on July 9, 2014

Tonight I took the kids to Panera for dinner. Elizabeth ordered a ham and cheese sandwich (with mayonnaise of course) and Ryan ordered nothing because he can’t talk yet and isn’t tall enough to reach the counter.

Ryan was eating my soup using the toothpick from my sandwich (like you do). Elizabeth declared that she didn’t like her sandwich. I asked her what she didn’t like about it. She declared that the bread didn’t taste good so we decided that she could just eat the ham. And the mayonnaise too, of course. Ryan ate her bread and cheese. (I had a bite and it was the greatest cheese sandwich I have ever tasted. Panera makes good bread, I do not know what Elizabeth was talking about.) I hope that splitting meals between them continues to work this well for a long time.

Then we went to the candy shop for dessert. I got Ryan his own tiny bag of candy and I’m pretty sure he wrote about it in his diary as the greatest day ever.




I Know, Right?

by HereWeGoAJen on July 8, 2014

So, unintentionally long blog break there, huh? Oops. Normally I blog at night and I was too tired with all the move stuff lately. So let’s catch up, shall we?

We moved! Halfway, anyway. We moved out of our Atlanta house. We had an offer from an investment company that was nearly our asking price, so we accepted it even though we knew they were much more likely to back out than a normal family buying a house. So we packed up and then the investor backed out. At that point, we decided we were past the point of no return (like we had almost no furniture in our house, we were sleeping on the floor), so we continued moving even though we no longer had to be out by a certain date. Oh yeah, Matt started with his new company at the beginning of June so I was doing all this on my own. Matt went to Phoenix and Northern California. The plan was for him to be kept in California, in training, until August but after he had been there a week, there was some logistical problem and they shipped all of them down to San Antonio. Which worked out perfectly because after we moved out of the house, we drove to Austin to extended visit my parents while we wait for the Florida house to be finished. (I mentioned we were building, right? It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten.) Matt is only two hours away from my parents’ house so he’s been driving down to see us on the weekends. We were expecting to not see him from the beginning of June to the beginning of August and it ended up being only three weeks! Yay! This morning, we got a close date on the new house. It looks like we will be moving in the first week of August, which is PERFECT because that is the week Matt has off between training and opening his new facility for moving. Let’s see, what else? My kids get a million gold stars each because I drove two days with them from Atlanta to Texas by myself and they were absolutely angels. We were in the car for something like sixteen and a half hours and there was zero crying. Zero. A little whining and we went through a lot of fruit snacks and lollipops, but utterly amazing. So basically, everything is going as well as it could be. Well, except for that extra house. Anyone want to buy a house?



June 17, 2014

Let me begin by saying that I understand that things happen and these kinds of things are to be expected. But now I am going to vent. Our house is on the market. So I have to keep it organized, even in the middle of a move while half our stuff is already gone. We […]

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Snack Thief

June 13, 2014

On the last morning of tennis camp, I was sitting in a row of chairs with my two neighbors, watching the tennis players. Ryan said “eh eh eh” and pointed at the cars, indicating that he would like a snack. So I took him by the hand and we went up to the car to […]

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Tennis Camp

June 10, 2014

Elizabeth is doing tennis camp this week (it’s a day camp for little kids, ages 4-6, for an hour and a half in the mornings) and she’s pretty happy with it. Two friends of mine in the neighborhood also have their kids in it, so we are team momming it. The two friends have older […]

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Adorable Pictures of Cute Children

June 9, 2014

I have been so busy and tired with the packing and moving stuff lately that I have a nice backlog of adorable pictures for you. Let’s get down to business. Elizabeth really needs to let me take more pictures of her. Things are getting unbalanced.

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Protected: See You and Raise You

June 3, 2014

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Big News

June 2, 2014

Matt always makes fun of me for keeping secrets because I like to fully process things in my head before I talk about them. Anyway, that is what I have been doing. Matt accepted a new job in Orlando and we are moving. Not only are we moving, we are moving soon. We bought a […]

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