Welcome to a revamped-ish Here We Go Again. If you see anything broken will you let me know?


Elizabeth, working on her homework: “Mom. I don’t know what Liz means here.” 

Me: “It’s a nickname. Do you know what it is short for?” 

Elizabeth, without hesitation: “Lizard.” 

House Tour- Kitchen 

Moving on! Through the dining room and hallway is the kitchen.  

This view is from the hallway to the garage. 


Stove and cabinets. Elizabeth drew that picture for Matt. It is her and him and a giant Yoda.  



This is the view from the archway from the dining room. 

My desk. 

We had to start storing the doughnuts on the top of the fridge when Ryan kept stealing them off the counter. 


Kitchen table and high chair. The pantry is behind those two folding doors. 

The laundry room is behind the wall with all the pictures. And the garage is down that hallway. The cupboard under the stairs is down there too and it has been turned over to Elizabeth for her hideout. I installed these red pendant lights myself and I really like them. 


House Tour- Playroom and Dining Room

I’ve been meaning to do a house tour since we moved in and everything was unpacked. So tonight is the night. I am starting from the front door and working my way through. 

When you come in the front door, the playroom is on your right. It’s not meant to be a playroom, it was designed as a formal living room, but I’ve never liked having a living room since they rarely get used.    
Connected to the playroom is the dining room. 


And finally, here is a close up of the entryway. I got these high shelves and hooks specifically for visitors to have someone where to put their things that the children wouldn’t be able to get into. But I also like the way they make the entryway look a little more finished. 

I enjoyed how I decorated this for Christmas so much that I am working on decorating it a little better year round but I haven’t gotten there yet. 


Crib Buddy

Ryan is still very much a fan of his crib. When Alex was born, we moved Ryan into his eventual permanent room which has bunk beds, but since he was still sleeping in a crib, we just bought another one and put that in there. He climbed out of the crib once (when I stashed him in there to keep him out of my way and he followed me into my room and yelled HA HA at me) but I told him I was taking his crib away if he ever climbed out again. And since he loves his crib, he has remained happily inside ever since. 

Tonight at bedtime, he wanted to snuggle like his big sister snuggles to read stories. This led to this: 

(Not pictured: my legs hanging over the bars. It’s a good thing this crib is low.)