Pretend It Is Hours Earlier

I intended to put this post up several hours ago, so there would be something to SEE when I sent everyone over here.  But then my internet went down again (did I mention the router is plugged in on the side of the garage?) and then the baby woke up from her nap.  So eh.

Now I have to figure out how to work this new system.  While I learned blogger, no one read me yet, so I didn’t have to be embarrassed when I made terrible mistakes.  This time, you will all either have to tell me how to fix them or tactfully ignore them.

Let’s see if I can upload pictures, in celebration of how excited I am to be getting (eventually, in like a YEAR) a new sister-in-law.  I can!  (Tell no one that this was my second try.)  This is Mark and Jayme.  They just got engaged!  Elizabeth gets to be a flower girl.  And she can now say “flower girl” as long as you can understand what she means by “ooower grl.”  And I can, so it totally counts.

And here is Jayme meeting Elizabeth for the first time, when Elizabeth was seventeen days old.  This is also when I met Jayme for the first time, when I was seventeen days past having a baby and possibly had not washed my hair in weeks (I cannot remember, but I would not be surprised).  But Jayme likes me anyway.

Okay, now we shall move on to current events.  Elizabeth jumped off (why is leapt not a word?  I thought it was?) the arm of my chair tonight and fell on her ankle.  And then walked funny for the rest of the evening.  She went to bed with some Motrin and hopefully will be recovered in the morning.  Otherwise I get to introduce myself to all the nice doctors over at the local hospital for X-rays.  I’d rather go to Ikea as planned.  So cross your fingers for twisted instead of sprained or broken.  (Which we are nearly positive it is, or we would have already met the nice X-ray people.  She only walked weird every tenth step or so.)

My video baby monitor interferes with my internet signal and apparently I cannot use both at once.  We’ve tried changing the channel on the wireless internet router and that has not done any good.  Does anyone else have this problem?  And we didn’t in the old house, but we are talking about a lot more distance here and a different kind of internet.

I think I like WordPress better already, even though I don’t have any idea what I am doing.  After like two and a half years as a loyal Blogger user, I feel like a traitor.