Nap Time

Elizabeth is “taking a nap” which really means that she is singing an Ode to Dada in her crib.  She slept for sixteen minutes this morning in the car and therefore decided that she doesn’t need a real nap.  But she’s staying in there until she takes one, I declare it.  (She’s been singing now for longer than a half hour.)

I have to turn off my baby monitor to load any webpage or leave a comment or send an email.  That is annoying.

Did I mention that one of the greatest things about moving here is that there is a new Thai restaurant?  A Thai restaurant with NO bugs in their food?  At least no bugs yet!  And if I do find a bug, there is a back-up Thai restaurant!  (Which we are going to sample tonight and assuming that they are bug free, they may become Thai restaurant the Primary, as they are closer to our house.  And I have a coupon for free Sushi!)  (They are Chinese, Japanese, and Thai all in one restaurant.  Nothing wrong with that!)

Elizabeth is walking perfectly this morning with no signs of a broken ankle, so we went to Ikea.  We shared a $.99 breakfast and then bought a new shelf for her bedroom.  A new shelf was necessary as her old one fell off the wall one day.  In the shelf’s defense (and my dad’s defense, who installed the shelf), Elizabeth once stood up on her changing table and yanked the shelf off the wall, faster than I thought a baby could move.  So it was bent then and this was the third time it had been re-installed since that incident.

And now the baby has been in her crib for nearly an hour without sleeping.  Sigh.  Sleep, baby, it is good for everyone.  I think I shall go up there again and try to rock her a bit.