My parents were here visiting to see the baby help me get the house in order.  They did loads and loads of work and I am eternally grateful.

Elizabeth enjoyed herself thoroughly.  She’d like grandparents to visit EVERY day.

First of all, they brought her a pony.

My mom walked in the door with a giant bribe lollipop.  (It worked.)

Eventually, Elizabeth set the lollipop down on the kitchen floor for a moment and went off to look at something.  I secretly unstuck it and threw it away.  But she got her enjoyment (and stickiness) out of it first.

And Elizabeth convinced my mom to buy her this wagon, by grabbing it off the toy aisle at the store and dragging it around the store.

Also, they would do whatever Elizabeth wanted and she became quite fond of grabbing my mom by the hand and leading her off through the house.

After they left, it took me two days to get Elizabeth all un-spoiled again.