Elizabeth’s new thing is throwing things away.  She adores garbage cans and if she finds any little scrap of anything on the floor, she brings it to me to throw away.  Luckily, she doesn’t throw things away herself (anymore, we had that stage) and she is running about 100% on figuring out what is actually garbage.

Last night, we went out for ice cream.  Elizabeth got a free kid’s cone for being under forty inches tall.  (It was a mini cone and it had sprinkle hair and candy eyes and it was ADORABLE.)  (Sorry, the camera was at home.)  I held it for her until she ate the top off and it was mostly just cone left.  Then I let her hold it herself.  She was delighted.  She crunched on the cone and held it proudly.  But she had a little internal struggle going on because we were sitting right next to a public garbage can.  (If there is anything more fun than throwing things away in a home garbage can, it is throwing things away in a public garbage can!)  She kept almost getting up to throw her cone away, but then she’d finish chewing the bite she was on and reconsider.  She got all the way down to the last bite and really considered whether it would be better to eat it or throw it away.  She ate it.  But we threw away some napkins, so it was all okay in the end.