The Baa

One of the nice things about living where we do is that there is a county run petting zoo about five minutes from our house.  Wait, I mean a “petting zoo.”  It’s really about six dirty farm animals in pens near the side of the road.  But it’s free and five minutes from our house.

And Elizabeth LOVES it.

Her favorite animal is the Baa.  Or sheep, if you don’t speak ‘Lizabeth.

She and the Baa are very good friends.  We went this morning and took them some saltine crackers.

I was planning on asking if we could bring something like carrots to the animals, but then I saw on the sign that the animals are only permitted to be fed hay and saltine crackers.  So saltine crackers it is!

After the “petting zoo,” we went to our neighborhood playground and tried out the swings.  Elizabeth had never been on a swing before because our Florida playground didn’t have them.

I think she approves.

Then she ran around the (really hot) playground for a few more minutes before I made her go home.  All this and we were only gone from the house for an hour.