Soooo, the people who owned this house before us were slobs.  The carpets are disgusting, the walls are marked up, and don’t even get me started on the toilets.  (I think we may have to replace one of them.  At least the seat for sure, but maybe the whole thing.)

Anyway, getting to the point.  We’ve lived here a whole month now and I have not managed to get the house clean yet.  I am making progress, yes, but there is still so far to go.  All the windowsills still have sludge on them, for example.  (It’s like the part where dirt has been oozing in from the crack where the window opens.)  I started shampooing the carpets today (do you all remember that I own my own carpet cleaner?) and the living room looks so much better.  I will have to do some hand scrubbing of the tough stains though.  Do you have a recommendation for a really good carpet cleaner?  I normally just use water because I find that build-up from carpet cleaner causes more problems later on, but for these tough stains I am going to need the big guns.  (And then I will use several passes with the carpet cleaner with just plain water to get the residue out.)

Also, any ideas on getting the black gunk off the stove?  You know how when something spills on the burner and then gets burned on?  If you clean that sort of thing a lot, it is totally possible to get that off just using baking soda and elbow grease, but THIS stuff isn’t budging.  Anyone have any good tips?  I tried to just replace the little guard things on the stove but the store bought ones didn’t fit, so I have to clean them.