Your Opinion Please

One of our friends is having a baby sometime in the next few weeks.  (She thinks the next few days, but HAHAHAHA.)  I am going to make her an initial onesie as a baby gift, but I also had another cute thought that I’d like a few opinions on.  What if I did a onesie with the baby’s name and then put the birthday underneath that?  Is that something that you think would be cute?  I was thinking and I thought it would be something I’d like to get as a gift, both for wearing right away and then kind of as a keepsake for later.  Thoughts?

I opened my Etsy shop back up, but it isn’t very full of stuff yet.  I will ramp it back up slowly.  The house is manageable now, but I still have a lot more work to do.  (Like scrubbing each inch of carpeting by hand, apparently.  Stupid people who lived here before and their stains.)