Eventually, when I get the house clean and therefore have nothing to do, Elizabeth and I are going to need some activities to do.  I don’t really have any idea where to start.  We’ve always just stayed home and done things like errands and housework and such.  But now Matt doesn’t work from home to entertain us and Elizabeth is getting all big and stuff.  (For the record, pediatrician yesterday and Elizabeth is 33 and a half inches tall, which is the 90%.  And she’s twenty six pounds, which is 75%.  And her head was 75% too, even though I’ve forgotten the centimeters.)

I was thinking about trying to find some kind of playgroup.  And maybe going to the library’s story time or something like that.  I’d like to put her in some kind of class, like ballet or gymnastics, because I think her energy could use a little structure, but until we sell our Florida house, all the stuff we do has to be free.  (Two mortgages= blech.)

Speaking of energy, this is the highest energy baby I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of babies.  I was a teacher before entering the boring world of business and I taught babies in daycare all the way up to seventh grade, so I have been exposed to a lot of kids.  And whoa, does this Elizabeth have energy!  I’ve never seen anything like her.

Now, returning to our subject at hand, what are your favorite activities for toddlers, either now or what you did as a wee one?