New Year's Resolution

I doubt anyone remembers, but my resolution this year was to “Do It Now.”  Basically, I just wanted to stop putting things off and get them done immediately because things are easier if you do them right away.  Right?  It is significantly easier to load the dishwasher immediately after dinner rather than scraping off dried food the next morning.

So, I have done a pretty fantastic job at this, in my humble opinion.  I barely have to think about it anymore.  (Minus today.  Today the house is a mess.  But I’ll get to that as soon as the baby wakes up and my break time is officially over.)

HOWEVER.  I am still failing dramatically on laundry.  I don’t wash it until the hampers are overflowing, I leave it in the dryer until it is wrinkled, I don’t fold it, I don’t put it away.  And then I do, but not until I’ve had to re-dry it and etc. and created more work.

I wrote on my “Massive To Do List” (seriously, that is what the title is) when we moved here that I am going to “streamline laundry.”  I AM too, I promise.  So far, I have come up with a pretty good step in the right direction.  Brace yourself, it is GROUNDBREAKING.

I bought a smaller laundry hamper.

Now the hamper is overflowing sooner.  Which is a good thing!  I am forced into doing laundry before too much for one load has accumulated.  My main downfall before was that I would get the first load put away in one day, but the second load would never make it out of the dryer.

I also bought two more hampers (cheap ones, from Wal-Mart that kind of clip together) for the dry-cleaning and the things that do not go in the dryer.  (We have always had two hampers for a darks/lights sort, but now we have four hampers.)  This is definitely helping.  I would like to get another hamper for a bleach load, but I think I am out of closet space.

I am hoping that this streamlines my system a bit.  It seems to be helping already.  What are your best laundry tips?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there is a load of whites in the dryer that has only been sitting there alone and neglected for a couple of hours.