A Basketball Fairytale

Once upon a time, Matt was very tall.  Well, he is still very tall, two inches taller now actually, but he was very tall at the moment in time we are discussing.  So, once upon a time, Matt was six foot eight and a high school freshman who moved to a new town.  The basketball coach got very excited.  Very excited.  Matt was immediately placed upon the basketball team.  Being that it was the middle of the year, the worst player was removed from the basketball team in order to make room for him.

Insert meaningful segue here.

Yesterday, my little sister went to a baby shower at her office.  The shower recipient is the dad.  My sister ordered two onesies from my shop (an initial onesie and a Lucy butterfly onesie) as gifts, since she is fairly good friends with this guy.  My business card was in the package with the gift.

Does anyone see where this is going?

Instead of saying nice things about his lovely (if I do say so myself) gifts that my sister thoughtfully designed, this guy read my business card and said “oh yeah, Jen’s Lastname, her.  Hmph.”

Because I am married to Matt and Matt took this guy’s place on the basketball team.

Fifteen years ago.

My sister tells me that this guy is still mad and brings it up pretty much every time my sister talks about me or Matt.

I mean, really?  Fifteen years ago?  Married with a good job and a baby on the way and you are still holding this grudge?

I am just perplexed.  (Perhaps I should add that Matt doesn’t even remember him and I never met him or even knew he existed.)

And they all lived happily ever after… well, happily except for their grudge.

(Eyes removed to protect identity. And I think that might be my sister’s hair in the foreground.)