The Woman is a Genius

The internet is always right.  When I asked for board book recommendations ages ago and so many of you said Sandra Boynton, I went out and got some Sandra Boynton.

We started with Moo, Baa, La La La and Elizabeth loved it.  She called it “baa!” and it was clearly her favorite book.  Yesterday, I got her this one:

(Picture from

In the car on the way home, I opened it up, read a few pages and was like “eh?  Blue hat, green hat, yellow hat, oops?  This is a very boring book.”

Then at home, I read it to Elizabeth and ate my words.

Elizabeth thinks this is the funniest book ever written.  In this one year old’s opinion, of all the literature throughout the ages, this is clearly the best book of all time.  She laughs hysterically at each “oops!”  So, Sandra Boynton is a genius, I am not, and Elizabeth calls this book “ooooof.”

Also, since yesterday afternoon, I’ve probably read this book out loud at least fifty times.  Matt had to read it to her before he was permitted to get out of bed this morning.