Hair Care Questions

Well, we had enough questions on yesterday’s post that I thought we could have a Questions Post.  Also, disclaimer, I don’t really know what I am doing.  Thanks.

Question 1-   How gross might this transition period be?

Well, personally, I didn’t have one.  I have always gone as long as possible between hair washings (as I am lazy and dislike washing my hair and it takes a full 24 hours to dry, so if I washed it every day I would always have a wet head).  So my hair was already fairly balanced.  I think that is why it reacted so badly to being washed.  But the other people who wrote stuff about this whole no shampoo thing said it wasn’t a big deal.

If you are particularly worried about it, I’d try to step down gradually.  Like if you normally wash your hair every day, go to every other day at first.  And then every third day.  Let your hair adjust slowly.  Then, start skipping the shampoo and go back to washing every day with just water.  Or start with baking soda and vinegar and transition down from there.  Or something else that makes sense.

Question 2- In your studies, was the baking soda/vinegar OK for every day use?

Hah, you make it sound like I researched this properly instead of just reading a few random blogs!  Anyway, yes, I believe people use baking soda and vinegar every day.

Question 3- Did you ever update on how the oil cleansing was going for your face?

No, I didn’t.  That is because it was going moderately well, then we moved and I had to dump the oil down the drain and haven’t refilled by bottle since then.  Also, I have hormonal acne, which is notoriously stubborn, and I get breakouts from stress.  Add these two factors together and I have been looking terrible since we got here.  Matt kept asking me what was wrong.  So I went to the chemicals to get things under control.  When my face clears up again, I am going to start experimenting again and see if I can get back to oil cleansing.

Question 4- I think this wouldn’t at all work for people with super curly hair, such as myself. I don’t think the water would get out all the mousse I have to put in my hair to make it curl.

Technically, this isn’t a question.  But, I did find that I didn’t have to use hair products anymore, so it might be a moot point.  And I am pretty sure that I could let my hair dry naturally and it would look moderately good with the supposed to be there waves.  I can’t comment on actual curly hair though.  Except that this works really well on Elizabeth’s hair.

Question 5-  All the people who said they think their hair is too oily for this.

I don’t actually know if it would work for you personally, but I believe the point is to have your head stop producing so much oil by not stripping away the oil.  And seriously, the baking soda and vinegar got my head as de-oily as shampoo ever has.

Question 6- But, wait, do you put other products in your hair? If so, how do you get them out? If not, when do you stop the cycle of washing them out?

I always had to use gel to hold down the curly bits that would spring out all over my head.  But as soon as I started not using shampoo, my hair started behaving itself and I gave my gel to my mom.  But when I did use gel a time or two, it came out with just water.

Question 7- There is no question seven.  But I already wrote that there and felt like leaving it.