A Bargain

Quick note: I hope I didn’t get too preachy yesterday.  It was a case of preaching to the choir, I know.  But I used to teach at a school where they actually had paddling and parents would regularly take off their belts to smack their kids.  (Also, these things didn’t improve the behavior of these kids at all.)  So it is a sore subject for me.  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Now, here is a one year old who understands how to bargain.

Scene: Kitchen, yesterday afternoon.

Jen holds out a liquid syringe full of thrush medicine for Elizabeth.  Elizabeth obediently swallows half the dose.  Then she grimaces and walks away.

Jen: “If you eat the rest of this, I will give you a chocolate chip.”

Elizabeth immediately comes back, opens her mouth to accept the medicine and then walks to the pantry where she points at the chocolate chips.  She gets her chocolate chip.

Then she points at the cookies and has three cookies.