Stairs are Fun

Hello, it’s me, Elizabeth!  I am not wearing any pants!  None!  And I am on the stairs, holding a piece of dog bone.

What’s that, Mama?  You want me to come off the stairs into kitchen?  NO!  Most definitely not!  Wait, what’s that?  A single chocolate chip on the carpet?  I shall come examine it. 

Got to check the lock, make sure I won’t be locked off the stairs if I come to get chocolate chip.

I change mind!  Stairs are better than single chocolate chip!  Retreat!

What’s that, Mama?  TWO chocolate chips.  Hmmm…

Got to check the lock again.  Okay, it’s open.

I think perhaps it is safe…  Approach with caution…

Two chocolate chips!  Whoo!

Noooooooo!  Mama close gate!  Mama mean!

Bite the couch in protest!

Wait, what was I upset about?  I can’t remember.

Okay, feed chocolate chip to baby!

And that is what I think of stairs.