Father's Day

I am feeling kind of bad, so I am going to just throw up a picture and call it a post.  (I have a sore throat and kind of general achiness all over.  I think I am getting better instead of worse though, so that is good.)

Matt’s Father’s Day request was to go to Chuck E. Cheese with Elizabeth.  He has some kind of forbidden love affair with Chuck E. Cheese and has been waiting for Elizabeth to be old enough to go.  See, Matt was like six foot tall when he was ten or something (I really have no idea) and he kept getting kicked out of Chuck E. Cheese because they didn’t believe he was a kid.  Apparently he once got kicked out during a birthday party and had to wait outside?  (I believe no one inside noticed he was gone, or one of the adults would have dealt with it.)  So anyway, Matt would have taken Elizabeth to Chuck E. Cheese on the way home from the hospital if he could have gotten away with it.  But he sensibly asked me when I thought she would be old enough to enjoy herself (before she was born he asked this) and I said probably around eighteen months.  He remembered that and today was her first trip.

She had a very good time.  So did Matt.