Mini Post

Tonight, after dinner, Matt was attempting to fill up his water bottle from the fridge water dispenser.  The bottle has a narrow opening, so you have to hold it underneath the water dispenser and then push the lever with your hand.  If you push the lever with the bottle, it is no longer under the dispenser part and water goes all over the floor.

Matt has some kind of mental block with remembering this, so water gushed all over the floor.  He said some irritated words and I was demonstrating the proper way to get water into the bottle.  (“See, you hold the bottle here, like this, and then you use your hand like this and…”)

In the background, I heard Elizabeth saying “TOW-WEL, TOW-WEL.”  But I didn’t pay attention to this with my conscious mind because I was water bottle demonstrating.  The next thing we know, we both look down and Elizabeth is wiping up the water spill from the door of the fridge with a towel.  She had gotten a clean kitchen towel out of the drawer and started cleaning up herself.

She’s a darling little baby.

(Also, isn’t she getting well trained to be a neat freak like me?)