More on Hitting

I meant to write this when I felt better and was therefore more coherent, but eh, whatever.  Some of you said things like “but we don’t hit or spank and my kid hits anyway!”

Yeah, I think almost all kids go through a hitting phase.  I mean, Elizabeth bites and we certainly didn’t teach her that by biting her.  (Or did I nom her too much, do you think?)  I look at it as more of a long term thing.  I mean the kids that see hitting as acceptable are the ones I am pulling off of another student in second grade.  (I had one of the sweetest second graders.  Until he got mad.  Then he would throw the other kid on the ground, get on top of them, and punch them in the face repeatedly.  Those were the moments in school where I was legitimately terrified.  I am still afraid that child will kill someone in a rage someday.)

It’s also a temper thing.  Elizabeth bites when she is REALLY REALLY MAD about something.  (You know, like taking a nap or not getting to run wild in the grocery store.)  The little girl in the doctor’s office just walked up and hit Elizabeth with no provocation because she thinks that is just what people do.  Little kids have tempers and they don’t yet have the emotional maturity to handle them properly.  It’s kind of a lifelong thing.  I try to parent for the way I want her to be as an adult.

Also, I’m no one fancy and certainly not perfect, but if there is anything you’d like me to apply my child psychology background and training in punishment and reinforcement to, I’d be happy to, as that is what my degree is in and I miss training gerbils to push buttons.