The Real Worst Thing

Well, congratulations, every single one of you has passed the Jen test and you are all qualified to be parents.  You didn’t know it was a test, did you?  Anyway, the reason I asked that question was because I was asked that question by a friend.  And then she stopped me and answered her own question.  When I got back up off the floor, where I had fallen from shock and disbelief, I answered her with basically the same answer I put in yesterday’s comment section.  But, for your amusement, I will tell you what she (who has no children but is going a bit baby crazy, but seriously, anyone who hangs around Elizabeth does) said:

“What’s the worst thing about parenting?  Wait, I know, it’s the diapers, isn’t it?”

….I have no words.  But alarms started going off in my head “wooo wooo wooo, neeee noooor neeee nooooor”  (Alarms in my head sound like British emergency vehicles, in case you didn’t recognize them) and my immediate thought was “WHOA, SLOW DOWN THERE, WOMAN WHO IS NOT READY TO HAVE A BABY, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.”

I related the conversation to Matt and he laughed.  His comment was “diapers are nothing.  Wait, I know you change most of them because I am not home much, but diapers are nothing.”

Matt’s worst thing about parenting is watching Elizabeth pitch headfirst into things and being terrified that she’s killed herself.  He mentioned that he’d like to be able to turn off that fear, like I can (when it isn’t a serious fall because it is totally obvious), and just say “oops!”  But instead he becomes almost incapacitated with worry and that is where Elizabeth is going to learn her first swear words.  (He whispers the swear words, but we can all still hear them.)

I should also point out that the comments rolling in were probably not the best thing for my mental state because every time I got a new one, I was like “oooh, THAT too!”  I also found it interesting how the worst things didn’t really vary much among the different ages of the children.  Although I do agree with Rachel, cutting fingernails is a HUGE pain.

But apparently, the real worst thing about parenting is diapers.