Apologizing for the Earlier Post

Since I put up such a terrible post earlier, I shall bribe you with another video of a cute baby.  She was in her after dinner manic phase and we were asking her to do tricks.  I asked her to stand on one foot and she did this really weird thing where she leaned forward, stuck her arms straight out behind her, and kind of walked all hunched over.  Apparently, she thinks this is how to achieve standing on one foot.  (To be fair, she does stand on one foot a time or two, but you can hear me yelling “she’s doing it, she’s doing it!” when she does the weird baby hunchback routine.)

And if nothing else, you get to see a cute baby running around in a diaper, a red t-shirt, and red socks.

P.S.  Geohde, I think we are going to have to have a ceremonial Last Wearing of the bubble dress soon.  The reason she is in a diaper and t-shirt is because she has learned to REMOVE the bubble dress.  Besides, I think she got it from you ages ago (I have pictorial evidence from last August) and it is getting too small anyway.  But I love that bubble dress.