Drop-Side Crib Recall

I just wrote a nice long post about all the drop-side crib recalls that were going on and how glad I was that Elizabeth’s crib wasn’t one of them.  (I checked the manufacturer’s website to make sure first.)  And then I was linking to the latest recall page and THERE IT WAS.

So now I have to haul out the pack and play and have her sleep there.  And she was just starting to sleep so well!  Last night she actually slept for ten hours and thirty-six minutes straight.  That is her third best record!  (I think the password is trindog, if you want to see my proof.)


This is a very nothing post, but I used up all my energy writing the first post and now I have to engineer a recall.  Maybe I’ll come back later and bribe you all with another video.  (Did I mention that I got a shiny little video camera for my birthday?)