Friday Night Leftovers

Tonight’s Friday Night Leftovers are NOT hosted by Danifred because she’s mean a stupidhead it’s not nice to call names not doing them currently.

  • No, I am not showing you the rest of the pictures from our day that ended with Elizabeth’s tiny baby hand touching that creature.  You’ll just have to WAIT.  That is why it is called a teaser.
  • Elizabeth was actively excited about sleeping in “little crib!” last night.  She stood in it (her pack and play, in case little crib wasn’t clear enough) after her nap and played with her baby dolls and she pointed at it and “eeh!”ed at bedtime.  Then after her rocking and snuggling, I put her in it and she wailed.  I mean, she was exhausted, so she went to sleep a few minutes later, but she was clearly heartbroken at having her normal crib withheld from her, I mean SERIOUSLY MAMA MY CRIBBY IS RIGHT THERE.
  • The night before last, she woke up zero times.  Last night she woke up three times.  Enough said.
  • But hopefully it will just take some getting used to and she is learning to be flexible.  (Says Look-on-the-Bright-Side Jen.)
  • I wrote a little note for Matt’s lunch this morning.  Don’t say “awww!”  The note said: “Matt, do not eat all these brownies yourself.  You will die.  Share.”
  • For people wondering about how to reach into the crib if you can’t drop the drop-side, Nicky suggested removing the wheels, if you have them on there, to give you those extra few inches.  And one of the “official safety” articles I read yesterday suggested using those step aerobics steps.  You know, the kind my mom used to put on the floor of the living room and my sister and I would practice jumping over?
  • Where does everyone disappear to on Fridays?  I understand Saturday and Sunday, but seriously, it seems like nothing happens online on Friday?