Stuck in My Head

Matt and I took Elizabeth to Chuck E. Cheese again (AGAIN) this morning.  We had tokens leftover and Matt and Elizabeth both had such a nice time last week.  (They both had a very nice time this week too, and did I mention?  I love skeeball.  And according to Kevin Smith, so does God.)

Anyway, I had an annoying song from Chuck E. Cheese stuck in my head, so I went online to listen to something else to get it out.  Here is what I chose:

Then, sadly, I remembered that I broke the sound card in my computer months and months ago.  So I couldn’t listen to it anyway.  Grr.  So I’ll get it stuck in your head instead.  But that’s okay, my memory is playing it and when Matt gets home, I’ll make him play it for me for real.  I really like this song.  It is just so soothing and happy.