Armed Robbery

A high school friend of mine recently had an update on Facebook about a story that she saw on 48 Hours last week.  She wanted to know if any of us remembered it.  She got a lot of answers, everyone saying “um, yeah, of course.”

Basically what happened was there were four high school girls, from upper class and middle class households, who went an robbed a bunch of convenience stores at gunpoint.  This happened ten years ago, the recent 48 hour story was kind of an update apparently.  It was quite the national news story at the time, lots of headlines like “Prom Queens Armed Robbery” and such like that.

Well, these four girls were from my high school and I “knew” two of them.  (Mind you, my high school was enormous and something like 8,000 kids went through the school at the same times as these girls, so a lot of people can say this.)   One of them was on the gymnastics team with me and the other one was in my math class.  I’m not saying I knew either of them very well or anything, but well enough to remember them when I heard about this story.  It happened when most of them were seniors in high school, and I was a year gone to college.  Rumor at the time was that they were identified by the Vice Principal when he recognized one of their voices on the security tapes.

The thing I remember most from when this story broke was all the interviews of people saying “I’m so surprised!  They were such nice girls.”  The two I knew were not nice girls, not at all.  I certainly wouldn’t have suspected them of armed robbery, but once I heard about it, I was like “yeah, that kind of fits with their personalities.”

Anyway, I don’t have any shocking revelations or anything.  I just thought it was an interesting story to share from those do-you-remembers.