The Tail, Explained

Remember when I posted that teaser picture?  Well, I shall now give you the story of the whole day.

First, Elizabeth and I had a picnic on a blanket in the shade.  Elizabeth ate mostly pickles.  (Or “icka-puls” if you insist.  I think she says pickle in some kind of baby Pig Latin.)

Then this guy came out with his snakes.  (He has a website.  And an Animal Planet miniseries.)  That’s a copperhead that he is holding, a poisonous snake.  It didn’t bite him.  Or anyone else.  Copperheads have marks on their sides that look like hershey kisses.  See, I learned stuff!

Then here is a picture of him trying to get the water moccasin to bite him.  It didn’t.  Even though he kicked it a little (nicely) and almost stepped on it a lot of times.  The point was that snakes don’t bite unless they have to, so please stop chopping their heads off, okay?

Then I took a picture of me and Elizabeth by holding the camera backwards.  I look weird, Elizabeth looks blurry and extremely happy.  And somewhat crazy.

Then he played with a rattlesnake for a while.

Then he brought out the cute little baby alligator.

Then Elizabeth petted the alligator.  Sadly, this is the best picture I got, because I was making sure that my baby wasn’t the kid who pulled off the alligator’s tail.  Because she would be.

I also got this blurry picture.

It was actually the only one of the library programs that I thought was quite interesting for all ages.  Elizabeth liked it, I liked it.  Most of the other summer library programs were kind of for the four through eight set, even though it was technically an all ages program.

And here is a pink cheeked, tired baby on the way home.  They had free smoothies there and we drank two.  Elizabeth wants everyone to know that she likes smoothies.

And here is a picture from later, which I just threw in because it was in the same folder.  Elizabeth may unroll the toilet paper in the bathroom, but at least she puts it back when she’s done.

Maybe not as neatly, but hey, she tries.