Okay, first of all, when I asked who would be interested in prototype embroidery shirts for a discount, I got lots of responses.  So I made up custom listings for each of those responses that I got on that post (if you asked for one on another post, then I missed it today, but I’ll put it up if you ask me now).  I am charging $7 for the prototypes, regardless of how many words or design or size or whatever (which basically covers the materials).  I am planning on charging $10 for one word and $2 or $3 per additional word when I put them up for sale to the general public.  I think.  So if you asked for a shirt, you can buy the listing and I’ll make it for you.  And if you don’t want it anymore because you’ve changed your mind or whatever, that is no problem, honestly.  Don’t feel like you have to buy it because I put up the listing.  Here is the link to all the reserved listings.  If you want to get in on the discount but don’t have a listing, speak up and I’ll be happy to add you.  (Also, if you all buy them at once, it may take me a couple of days to catch up, so I am not promising incredibly speed here.)

Secondly.  I am getting a new computer.  An all new computer, just for me!  (I’ve always had hand-me-down computers that are cluttered up with other people’s stuff.)  Should I get a laptop or a desktop?  Now the obvious answer to that seems to be laptop, but my current laptop still does work.  So I could get a desktop as the new one, since it would then be able to be a little better, with more storage space and stuff.  And Elizabeth couldn’t kick it off the desk when she sits on my lap.  I use my computer as a desktop about 99% of the time, with a monitor and keyboard and mouse.  But laptops are more versatile.  And Matt got a really good deal on one and bought it for me already, before we thought of the desktop option.  (It’s sitting on the kitchen counter, unopened, still totally returnable.)  Opinions?

Thirdly, it’s still Blog Appreciation Week at Here We Go Again, where I appreciate you.  Because I love you all.  So go leave a comment about what you like and don’t like (so I can be a better blogger, stronger and more powerful) and I’ll enter you into the Get-Something-Cool Drawing.