Lots of Nothing

  • Babies are weird.  Elizabeth was napping so well (SO WELL) and all of a sudden she’s taking two hours (yes, TWO HOURS) to fall asleep and then only napping a little while.
  • Yesterday, I sneezed and Elizabeth told me “bess oo”.  Today, in the bathtub, she coughed, and told herself “bess oo”.
  • She’s started to recite her books to herself in the back of the car.  She was back there today doing Opposites, by Sandra Boynton.  One of the cutest is when she says whisper and shout (wisser and OUT).
  • She’s started opening her mouth incredibly wide any time anyone says open.  We can thank Olivia the pig for this.
  • We went to Red Lobster tonight, to use a gift card.  (I no longer recommend the lobster and shrimp pasta.  It was delicious, but that half portion is NOT worth $16.  The first time I got it, it was significantly larger.  We mentioned it to the manager and they told us that it is done by weight.  They gave me some extra to go, so we were totally satisfied with the fix for today, but I am now totally not going there anymore if that is a standard portion.  Wait, what was I talking about before I started this set of parenthesis?  Oh yeah.)  Elizabeth normally has no problem with potatoes, but tonight we gave her a tiny bite of baked potato and she immediately started scraping off her tongue with her hand.  I don’t even know.
  • We went to the Container Store today.  It’s a good thing it is more than an hour drive or we’d have no money.  I could live there.  I’d sleep in a box.  And I’d store that box in another box during the day.