More Bullets, Jen, Really?

  • Someone asked yesterday about the link to our Florida house that is for sale.  What the heck, here you go.  And if one of you buys it, you’ll be my best friend forever and ever.  Plus, this will be fun.  My realtor will call me tomorrow and say “I got 150 hits on your house but no one called me to schedule a showing.  You need to lower your price.”  That’s what happens whenever anyone views our house online.  However, our highest number of hits so far has been six hits, I think, so this ought to blow his mind.
  • There is a thunderstorm now.  It is naptime.  This is bad.
  • Trin dog is starting to look and act a little old.  Poor Trin dog.  She’s seven.  She’s always had white on her face, but now she has it on her legs and neck too.  And she’s having a harder time getting up and down the stairs.  I’m sure she’s still got some good years left, but it’s still less than good.
  • Also, Trin enjoys rolling in the sand outside.  Then she comes to the door, face covered in sand with her eyes sticking out of sandy holes and looks at me like “okay, let me in now.”
  • We got the garage semi-organized this weekend.  I am really happy every time we do something like that because it feel like we intend to live here for a long time.  Which we do.
  • The stupid thunderstorm just woke up the baby.  But I think, maybe, that I have gotten her to go back to sleep.  So I’d better get going and finish up what I need to do before she wakes up for good.  And what in the world are we going to have for dinner tonight?  Meatloaf maybe?