Shirts and Macaroni

  • I’ve finished and mailed most of the prototype shirts that have been ordered.  There is a gallery of them here.  Please excuse the color, somehow all my photographs came out with a blue tinge.  They aren’t blue, really, they are white.  (Except for the one that is blue and the pink one.)  And Cali, what did I do wrong with the picture taking?  I did it on the floor by the open front door with the camera on P.  Ick, and they are all blurry too.
  • Now, for the people who ordered the prototype shirts, when you get them, if you take a picture of your kid wearing them and send me that picture, I will give you 50% off your next order.  And I’ll love you forever.  I’d like to use the pictures for my Etsy store, which was the whole point of this discounted offer.
  • I am pretty sure that I’ll break about even on these shirts.  I may end up losing money.  It depends on how many more I have to do again.  (Current count: three.  Jack, Trip, and W’s shirts.)  Good practice for deciding how much to charge when I put them up for general sale, right?
  • Elizabeth wonders if you have seen her piece of macaroni?  She knows that she totally just had it.
  • It’s your last day to leave a comment on Blog Appreciation Week and possibly win something awesome.
  • I do owe you all a new house tour.  Would you rather have it through pictures or video?