Friday Night Leftovers- Saturday Night Version

  • Moes and I are even.  We went there for dinner tonight and they overcharged us by more than a dollar.  So no more guilt from me!
  • Matt is eating ice cream right now and Elizabeth is over there saying “ice! ice!”
  • Elizabeth’s new love is popcorn.  Matt got some popcorn for a snack and she now yells “pop orn!”  She eats more popcorn than I thought a tiny baby could fit into her stomach.
  • I never did get that second video uploaded yesterday.  Maybe tomorrow?
  • Katie is having a baby today.  Actually, she’s already had her, or is supposed to have, but she HASN’T UPDATED YET.  Katie, at this point, I had updated.  And I had updated all the sites- the blog, Twitter, and Facebook.  The internet NEEDS TO KNOW, Katie!
  • Matt has gotten much better about not panicking when Elizabeth falls over.  But he still watches TV with the volume turned up too loud.
  • Oh, good!  I just checked Katie’s Facebook page and someone else wrote on her wall that Emma is here and everyone is good.  So I will forgive her for the not updating, since she had someone else do it.
  • I just ordered Elizabeth some really pretty new toys.  I am not going to link to them because I want to put up pictures when they get here.  And that will probably be a long time.  I ordered something (adorable) from the same Etsy shop on July 1st and it only came yesterday.  They are popular and they have wait times posted on their main page.
  • Danifred comments here all the time, but every once and a while, the spam thing decides that she is spam and hides her comments until I go rescue them.  Weird.  This only happens with her, not with anyone else.  Everyone else just seems to have no problem after they’ve had the first comment approved.  (Which I really like, by the way, it totally keeps all the spam away.)

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