And the Winner is:

Number 21!  Which is Barb.  So, Barb, email me and claim your prize.  And now we will see how well Barb keeps up on my posts.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Blog Appreciation Week.  I am still accepting constructive criticism so feel free to tell me what you want to see and what you don’t.

I believe the changes that I am going to be making in the near future are as follows: (well, doesn’t that sound official?)

  1. A new tab where I will store a list of links to posts about the natural stuff, like the natural cleaning.  I will try to write more of those types of posts too.
  2. Some more cloth diaper posts.  I actually have a few planned in my head.  (See list item four.)
  3. More Elizabeth guest posts.  She likes to type on the computer anyway.  (And a Trin dog guest post.  She is likely to write about how much she hates the rabbit who sometimes walks through our backyard though because HOW DARE HE, I mean come on, rabbit, that is TRIN’S YARD.)
  4. Perhaps a tab where I will keep a list of upcoming stuff that I intend to write about.  That would mostly be for me and yes, I could write it somewhere not on the blog, but that will at least keep me honest and you can all be like “JEN, seriously, write about ______ already, you promised us AGES ago.”
  5. Maresi’s anonymous comment, trying to guilt me into moving back to Florida so that she can play with me, is going to be ignored.
  6. I’m not entirely sure what color of Cube car we got.  I think it is gray?  Silver?  A gray-silver?  I’ll check the next time it is in the garage, and if it turns out to not be gray-silver, I shall immediately update you.
  7. A fly is buzzing around our garbage can.  Did I mention that Matt got an automatic garbage can?   It opens when you stand in front of it.  Or when a fly buzzes in front of it!
  8. There IS a new post every day.  Or at least there is when I have internet, we did have quite a long dry spell when I first moved here.  Of course, it isn’t always at the same time every day, but it’s usually during naptime.  If not naptime, bedtime.
  9. Most of my posts end up being train of thought posts because I write the way I talk (and think) and people who have met me can corroborate this.  But please keep in mind that Barb yells at you (a LOT) when you stick a knife into the toaster to get the toast out so watch out for her.
  10. I think of Barb every time I stick a knife into the toaster.

And now I must attempt to stop eating chips and crackers (oh, the best little crackers, with cheese baked RIGHT ON THEM) because we are going out to lunch with Rob and Kristi as soon as Matt and Rob get back from the movie.  (They went to see Inception or something, on IMAX, and they had to drive like an hour to the nearest IMAX.  Matt misses Idaho, where the IMAX was at our local movie theater, like ten minutes from the house.)  (But seriously, they expect me to wait until like 2:30pm for lunch and NOT eat a bunch of cheesy delicious crackers?  I have BLOOD SUGAR ISSUES, people, I get CRANKY.  It is for the good of the land that I eat crackers.)