Guest Post from Elizabeth the Great

Hi!  It’s me, ‘Lizabeth the Great!

I am writing this bloggy post for Mama today.  Do you want to know why?  Good!  I will tell you why.

This morning, while Mama was getting dressed and I was causing havoc around the bathroom, I went into the closet, scaled the cardboard boxes, and got down Mama’s swimmy suit.  Then I took it to her and said “‘wimmin’, ‘wimmin’, Mama WEAR.”  Mama (obviously) said, “yes of course, Miss Elizabeth the Great, I will certainly take you swimming.  But we will go this afternoon, after nap.”

Then I wore Mama’s swimmy suit around my neck for a while so that Mama could finish getting dressed.

Then I got dressed too and we went downstairs and had some breakfast (I have ‘Os, with strawberries and GRAPES and milks) and I keep telling Mama that I want to go swimming.

So we go to the post office to mail some birfday presents to two two year olds and then we GO SWIMMING.  Before AFTERNOON and BEFORE NAP.  And that is why, ladies and gentlemen and babies that are reading this, it pays to be persistent.

So Mama doesn’t have time to blog today because we go swimming before all the work is done.  And Mama’s hair looks all funny too, with curlies popping up all over her head.  But not in the cute way that my curly hairs are curly.  In a frizzy way.  Instead of writing on the bloggy, Mama must pay the bills.

That is boring.  So I do the blogging instead.

Love and kisses,


P.S.  Remember my friend MT?  Well, his Mama is too busy to blog lately but MT put up a video on Facebook of him ‘wimmin’ and I watch it ten million times.  And Mama says perhaps that is why swimming was on my mind.  MT is bigger than me though.  He’s TWO.  And he swims by himself and with his face under the water.  Mama and I are very impressed.