Crib Recall

Dear LaJobi,

I am writing today to tell you that I am quite disappointed in your company.  It has now been one full month since our crib was recalled and I have heard nothing from you.  Yes, I know, when I called and signed up for the “repair kit”, you said that it could take six to eight weeks to receive it.  But I signed up the first day of the recall.  Who is getting theirs now?  You hopefully aren’t waiting six to eight weeks before starting to send out repair kits.

Also, when we bought the crib, I dutifully filled out your little registration card and sent it in.  You promised to notify me in case of a recall.  But have you?  I haven’t heard one word from you.  I am beginning to suspect that you wanted all my personal information for some other purpose. I think I am most disappointed in the fact that I had to find out about this on my own.

Also, we didn’t spend $400 on a crib to have our daughter sleep in a pack and play which she has nearly outgrown.  Look, she’s tall, okay?  I suspect that she could absolutely climb out of this thing or tip it over if she wanted to.  However, she’s positively not ready for a toddler bed.  Hmm, what other solution could there be?  If only someone had invented a baby sleeping device that could contain a taller baby who isn’t ready for a bed.  Oh, wait, A CRIB.  That’s right, they do exist.  And we already own one!  In fact, it’s right there in the baby’s room, waiting for your parts.