Some Pictures

I call this post Some Pictures because I was only able to get some of the pictures to download from my camera.  It told me that the others were “busy.”  I don’t know what they were busy doing, but it wasn’t downloading.  Anyway, you can look at the ones I did get off.

Our farmer’s market bounty from last week.

Elizabeth, sitting in her cabinet, having a glass of milk.  She’s practicing with “big girl glasses” lately and it is the Most Fun Thing Ever!  And she yells “tow-wel!” when she needs one.

I bought her new crayons.  And just when I am starting to think that she really is left handed…

…she does this and switches it up.  So the verdict is still out on handedness. 

And she was really proud of her picture.

And here she is playing with her rainbow eggs.  She LOVES them.  (Don’t worry, Angie, I will teach her how to colorize them properly.  She can already recite the colors in the proper order, it won’t take long.)