A Guest Post- From Trin the Dog

Greetings, Internet People.  It is I, Trin the Dog.

I have come to this website today (remember, it is very hard typing with paws) to tell you about a PEST, a NUISANCE, an ANNOYANCE.  This vermin sometimes comes brashly hopping through MY backyard.

Here, I have photographic evidence:

You see?!?  That EVIL RABBIT who DARES to walk through MY YARD.  I cannot believe the cheek.  If only I could open doorknobs with my paws, I would teach that rabbit a lesson.


The rabbit is evil.  I remain ever vigilant.

Last night, Jen even opened the backdoor (specifically DID NOT allow me to go outside and DEAL with the rabbit) and threw carrots at it!  Can you believe it?  The whole world is against me.

However, the evil rabbit sensed my presence through the glass and didn’t eat the carrots.  He leisurely hopped around our yard, eating weeds and grass, and then went through his little hole in the fence.

Then Jen let me out, moments too late!  I raced around the yard as fast as I could, in hopes that the rabbit didn’t really leave.

But he did.  Sigh.  If I ever catch that rabbit…

But MY yard is currently rabbit free and it is hard work blogging with paws, so I am going to go take a nap.

This is Trin Dog, signing off.