John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Elizabeth and I had lunch with Murgdan today.  And that is why I am blogging so late (and probably pathetically, but we’ll get to that) tonight, because Elizabeth took her nap on the way home in the car and therefore took away my internet time.

We had a  lovely time and Murgdan is just as nice as she seems.  And I bribed her with jam, so we’ll have to see what she says about me.  Elizabeth loved “Gabe-ril” very, very much and spent the first fifteen minutes of the drive home crying “Gabe-ril, Gabe-ril!  Friend!  Friend!  Gabe-ril!”  Then she fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we were in our garage. “Gabe-ril” slept most of the mall trip, so I am guessing (but hoping that I am wrong) that he cried the whole way home.  Elizabeth would have at that age.  In fact, sometimes she still does.

Speaking of the whole way home, why is it that I can never live anywhere near the good bloggers?  (Or the bad bloggers for that matter, I never live anywhere near anyone.)  Murgdan lives more than an hour and a half from me (we met in the middle, but it was an hour drive for each of us, and yes, we do have that math right).

Now I have to clean up the downstairs, somehow it is trashed.  And, yes, the title of this blog entry is a joke.  I think I am very funny.