Know Your Limits

My kid pretty much behaves most of the time when we go out.  Not all the time, but most of the time.  We are at the point where we can mostly count on her not embarrassing us too much.  (Dear Karma, Yes, I know.  Please don’t, okay?  Love, Jen.)

I think this is because I know her limits and my limits and I don’t DO things that are too much.  Like I would really like to take Elizabeth to my second bloggy meet-up of the week, but it’s at 12:30pm and Elizabeth’s nap is at 12:00pm.  And she needs her nap.  Or she yells a lot.  So she’s staying home with Matt.

And today at story time, I was the mom with the kid that stayed strapped into the stroller the whole time while the other kids all sat in a circle on the floor.  This is story time in Borders, a bookstore, not the story time in the back room of the library, so I did not want her yanking books off shelves and becoming a nuisance.  (By the way, I was totally right.  She was tired from yesterday and had an absolute MELTDOWN when I tried to put her in the car after story time.)

When we go out, I usually keep Elizabeth strapped into her stroller.  Sure, she can walk just fine and she mostly listens to me and behaves, but she’s only a year and a half old.  I cannot expect her to understand that you can’t just grab things off racks in stores or take candy from babies.  Since she’s tall and old looking, I am starting to get those looks, the “THAT child is still riding in a stroller” looks.  Those people can suck it.  I expect her to behave, but I have to give her the limits to behave within.