Friday Night Leftovers- MOUSE Edition

It’s time for another episode of Friday Night Leftovers!  Why don’t you play along and write your own?

  • Okay, last night we had a very exciting Twitter episode.  It started with this update.  (Oh, click on all the links, it is worth it.)
  • Before I wrote that update I ran upstairs and yelled some completely unintelligible words in Matt’s direction.  Mostly things like “UP, OUT OF BED, DOWNSTAIRS, MOUSE, PANTRY, GET UP, LET’S GO.”  Then I came down with him and told Twitter about it.
  • We opened the pantry expecting to find that the mouse had completely vanished, but instead it was waiting patiently, exactly where I had left it.  Then we chased it with a bucket for a minute.
  • Then Twitter got this update.
  • The mouse ran down the hall into the laundry room.  And under the washer and dryer.  Matt asked me exactly how badly I wanted to catch the mouse tonight.  I told him that I wanted it captured very badly indeed.
  • So we pulled out the dog crate into the hall and discovered this.
  • The little dog is totally fired.  (Also, during this entire episode, he was hiding upstairs, cowering against the baby’s room door, apparently hoping that the SLEEPING BABY would protect him.)
  • So we tried this.
  • The mouse ran out of the laundry room (Matt totally did not believe me that it could fit under the door.  Like four of those mice could have fit under that door, riding on top of each other in a stack.)  And it ran into the kitchen, behind the garbage can, and vanished from sight.  Following Mouse Logic, of where we would have gone if we were that mouse, we determined that it was hiding underneath the stove.  So I put my face on the ground and peered under there with a flashlight.  There was no mouse visible.  We pulled the stove back and looked behind it.  (Did you know that the kid who lived here before us had alphabet magnets to stick on the fridge?)  No mouse.  We looked and looked and looked.
  • Then I told Matt that the mouse had gone to ground and that we would get mouse traps tomorrow.
  • I do have to admit that as much as I don’t like the idea of a mouse wandering freely around the house, I am most disappointed that it got away because I was unable to photograph it for the blog.
  • It was a very cute (albeit blurry from speed and fear) mouse so I will try those capture and release traps first.  I will also make a loud announcement, aimed at all intelligent, motorcycle riding mice, warning them to move out before I set traps.  And to be fair, it had not chewed through the bag of birdseed on the pantry floor or the box of oatmeal or the extra bag of brown sugar.  As far as I can tell, it was just passing through.  (Passing through the pantry.  Living behind the dog crate and feasting on dog food.  Which, admittedly, is less gross than feasting in my pantry.)

P.S.  Since it has been TWO WEEKS since I promised the upstairs version of the house tour “tomorrow”, I will try and post it tonight.  So come back later, okay?