I Used To Be On Time

I just got back from lunch with Tiffany.  (Hi, Tiffany!)  I was, of course, ten minutes late.  BE (Before Elizabeth), I used to be on time to everything.  Forget on time, I actually used to be five minutes early.  After Elizabeth was born, we started being at least twenty minutes late to everything.  We’ve eventually adjusted to only being five to ten minutes late, but I cannot get rid of that.

You see, I used to leave with enough time to get places so that I would be five to ten minutes early.  Now I manage to leave on time, mostly, but not with any spare time.  And then it inevitably takes longer to get there than I thought, or I hit traffic (like I did today and on Wednesday when we went to meet with Murgdan and “Gabe-ril”).  So now I am always late.  And it bothers me to be always late.

See, I know this fact, the always late, and still I cannot adjust the time required.  Sometimes we have it (I start to get ready a full half hour before we need to actually leave), but most of the time I just can’t do it.  I need to make a Get-Out-of-House checklist or something like that.  Maybe I should just start telling people that I’ll be late.  I really ought to be able to do this.  Perhaps I will make this my Mid-Year’s Resolution.