The Answers!

So far, people have been doing very well at translating Toddler Speak.  I shall now provide you with the answers!  If you haven’t tried to guess yet, you still have time to click back (or scroll down) and enter your guesses.

The answers:  (They are in white text, in case you haven’t played yet.  If you want to see them, highlight them with your mouse and you will be able to read them.)

  1. A bob= Auntie Barb (Elizabeth talks to her on the phone and Skype and calls her “a bob”)
  2. Krin= Trin
  3. Two poop= Q-tip!  I know, a hard one.  But Elizabeth loves Q-tips.  If I am using one, she insists on having one too.  She knows where I keep them in the drawer and can obtain her own if she so desires.
  4. Ow-sigh= Outside.  She tells Trin to go “ow-sigh!”
  5. Twow-Away= Yes, throw away.  And she usually follows that up with “GAR-BAGE!”  She’s a big fan of throwing things away.  Still, she has only ever wanted to throw away actual garbage.  That’s pretty handy.
  6. Wissabit= Elizabeth.  But the way I wrote it sounds too close to Elizabeth.  If you didn’t know she was trying to say Elizabeth, you’d never get it.  It really sounds more like “woiasabts”
  7. Ick-a-pul= pickle.  Baby pig Latin.  And I’ve had that on this website before, so now I know who REALLY pays attention.  😉
  8. Chee= Cheese.  Normally she means cottage cheese, sometimes she means actual cheese.
  9. Puh-away= Put away.  And she means the book I am reading to myself instead of reading a board book out loud.
  10. Cwib bowse= Crib!  Bounce!  This is a new one.  Now that the crib is not for sleeping, she’s been requesting to go in there before and after bed sometimes, to bounce up and down in jumping-on-the-bed happiness.
  11. Baa-king= Barking.  She likes to tell me when the dogs bark, in case I have suddenly gone deaf and cannot hear the racket they are making.
  12. Pill-woah= Pillow.  But she means her green boppy pillow.  On rare occasions, she means Matt’s pillow (which he stole, it used to be Elizabeth’s propping up pillow when she was wee, so it has a purple Winnie the Pooh pillowcase on it.)

I am quite impressed with the guessing.  But I knew that no one could guess what two poop meant!  😉