Yesterday, on the way to and from Ikea (forty-five minutes each direction), I watched other drivers to see how they were driving.  I came to the conclusion that I may be the only person on the entire freeway that drives with both hands on the wheel at ten and two.

Because I do, you know.  I keep both hands on the wheel.  When I drive with my sister, she tells me in an exasperated voice, “you know, you don’t have to drive “properly” just because I am watching.”  She doesn’t believe me that I drive like that all the time.  I am a lifelong dork and I have always driven the right way because that is how you are supposed to do it!  Also, I am afraid of car accidents (and I believe rightfully afraid of car accidents, they are quite common) and so I drive quite conservatively.  (Speed limits, anyone?)

How do you drive?