Advice from the Internets

First of all, I have this weird thing on my thumb.  It would appear to only be dry skin.  BUT, it has been there for a whole year now.  I remember specifically because I showed it to Geohde when she was visiting (last October) and said “isn’t this weird, it’s been like this for like two months now?”  Sometimes my thumb cracks and it hurts then, but besides that, it is just weird dry skin.  I was going to take a picture of it, but it is awfully hard to photograph your own thumb.  When it cracks, I put antibiotic cream and bandaids on it and that cures the cracks, but the dry skin remains.  And no, before you ask, I haven’t been doing anything with that thumb for the whole year that I didn’t do before.  I could go to the doctor, but I feel awfully funny making an appointment for dry skin.  (Plus, there is that whole hauling the baby to the doctor with me and making her behave.)  Has anyone ever had anything like this before?  And what was it and what makes it go away?

Secondly, Matt’s company picnic/outing is on Saturday.  His whole company, various spouses/etc., and children are all going to see an Atlanta Braves game.  (Baseball, for those of you who do not know.)  Elizabeth has the cutest outfit in the world to wear, but I need some toddler at a ball game advice.  Stroller or no stroller?  How in the world do I keep her happy during a portion (we’ve already accepted that we cannot possibly stay the whole time) of a night game that starts at her bedtime?  The company is providing dinner before the game and I believe seats are assigned.  So we’ll likely be in a section of Matt’s coworkers, but not necessarily people he knows well.  Anyone have any genius ideas?