Friday Night Leftovers

  • Elizabeth gave herself a black eye yesterday.  Just a little one, but still.  She was running away from me, giggling, and she ran into the arm of the couch.
  • We went to the local La Leche meeting today.  I really like almost everyone who came.
  • In a related manner, it is very difficult to make friends when you are an adult.
  • I won!  I won Fluff Friday and I get two free diapers!
  • I cannot get my camera to properly download pictures to this new computer.  It is making me crazy.  Have you noticed how few photographs there have been lately?  It’s because they are ALL STUCK IN THE CAMERA.
  • Little tiny children that I used to babysit for are now putting pictures on Facebook of themselves holding (legal) cans of beer.  I feel old.  Also, I haven’t seen them in eight years.  Do you know how much older a pre-teen can get in eight years?
  • Looking at pictures of parties on Facebook makes me tired.  I can’t stay up that late.  It’s not just the pre-teens, it’s people I went to high school with.  Where do they get the energy to stay up all night and drink?  I like sleep.
  • Elizabeth just woke up from her nap.  She’s in her crib chanting “Mama!  Mama!  Mean.  Mean.”  Well, if THAT is how you feel about me, kid, maybe I’ll just leave you up there.