Atlanta Braves Baby

We are back from the Braves game.  Elizabeth was really good.  She thoroughly enjoyed all the clapping.

And she was a big fan of the peanuts.  I won’t mention that she learned to smash peanuts open on the ground with her foot and then pick out the peanut to eat.  Eh.  The floor was clean.  And the peanut was in a shell.  Plus, she only did it like three times. 

She was so totally adorable in her Braves outfit that strangers were literally stopping us while we were walking around.

She didn’t get to bed until ten tonight.  These are what we call “the crazy eyes.”

But she went to sleep easily, hopefully she’ll sleep in tomorrow (hah!) and she had a really good time.  She behaved quite well too.  (We did leave ridiculously early, like the fourth inning or something like that.  And I was letting her eat peanuts off the floor.)