Annoying Shopping and Really Fun Shopping

Well, we went jean shopping for me yesterday.  Old Navy’s jeans were that “already worn out” style that is so popular these days, but since those are in worse shape than the ones I am currently wearing, I most decidedly did not buy them.  JC Penney didn’t carry my size.  And Sears I couldn’t figure out and the mall was really crowded.  So we came home.

I just looked online.  JC Penney doesn’t carry my size, but Old Navy’s pictures showed a non-worn out jean, so I ordered two of those.  I shall call them all furious if they show up and are already worn out.  I know I am not trendy or stylish, but I simply cannot fathom why they sell jeans with holes in them?  I can create my own holes.  In fact, I did.  That is why I am in the market for new jeans.  (I hope my new ones arrive quickly.  I am going to visit relatives this week and I would like to look less like a hobo than I do now.)  (Who am I kidding?  Everyone is going to look at the baby, I could probably not wear any pants at all and no one would notice.)


And in FANTASTIC news, I have found the play kitchen I want for Elizabeth’s birthday present.  I have been looking for it for a really long time, trying to decide what all the perfect attributes are.  In fact, at one point, Matt looked over my shoulder and said “isn’t that a little too old for her?”  And I answered, “no, it’s for her SECOND birthday.”  Because, yeah, that is how long I’ve been looking.  Last night, I found this one and I was starting to make all these plans for finding a local carpenter to copy it for me and thinking about saving up money for it (because, dude, that looks expensive).  Then, this morning (it all happened SO FAST), I saw a link to this one and immediately clicked over, thinking “that looks pretty perfect.”  And lo and behold, they are selling them, custom designed for you, and (this is the best part!) they are local!  I can pick it up!  (They actually say they’ll deliver, but we aren’t in Metro Atlanta.)  It’s a little more than I wanted to spend, but in the last couple of months, I had been adjusting my budgetary ideals because I have been unable to find any I even remotely like in my ideal price range.

So, the play kitchen is decided upon for the birthday present!  Now I will just have to start stocking it with the play food (which I’ve been doing for the past year anyway) and she can have that for her Christmas present.  I’ll just have to stop giving her the stuff now and saving it for Christmas.  Or at this age (two by then), will she even notice?  I could probably just wrap it all up on Christmas Eve and she wouldn’t notice the fact that it isn’t new, would she?