Less Than I Want to Say

Oh, I so wanted to reply to each and every one of the lovely comments on yesterday’s vaccination post.  But life got away from me and I ran out of time.  So let me just tell all of you that I love you dearly and I will go out to lunch with you whenever you want.

I also should probably say that I have no problem with delaying vaccinations and spreading them out- as long as you know what you are doing.  Research and a plan!  I spread out a few of Elizabeth’s and I also waited on one set when I thought Elizabeth was sick.  (She had a fever the night before, it turned out to be teeth, just like EVERY OTHER FEVER.)

Go to yesterday’s comment section and read Karen B’s comment.  She has perhaps the best argument for vaccination that I have ever read.  It is her little girl that we are proud to shield.


And now, a change of subject.  I ended up with a batch of recalled diaper detergent from Rockin’ Green.  (I’m pretty sure that it is the cause of the horrible diaper rash that I have been fighting over the last few weeks.)  I sent an email to them and got a response back from the president/owner in minutes.  They are replacing my whole order, with no questions asked.  In fact, I can’t remember which email address I used when I ordered, so I am pretty sure they are simply taking my word on what I bought and how much.  Honestly, this is likely to make me a Rockin’ Green customer for life.  It is such a pleasure to encounter customer service like this.  Not only that, but their product (apart from this rash thing, which was a problem in their manufacturing line) is awesome.  And smells delicious!


And why not a little baby blackmail for when she gets older?  She was very angry with me about something.  I’ve forgotten what.  (And so has she.)