Trip Recap Bullets

  • I’m back!  Who paid enough attention to notice I was gone?
  • Elizabeth and I went to Ohio for Thursday to Monday to visit my mom’s side of the family.  My mom went too.
  • I have an entire post to write on the benefits and the MASSIVE DESIGN FLAWS of that strap thing that attaches a carseat to a rolling suitcase.  Remind me.
  • For the flight to get to Ohio, we took off after we were supposed to already be there.  And yes, we DID sit on the runway in the plane the entire time!  Yes, that was fun with a toddler!
  • For the return flight, we took off on time (two minutes early, actually) and I thought we were home free.  (It’s only an hour and ten minute flight- how bad can that be?)  Then we circled the Atlanta airport for thirty minutes and then sat outside the gate (because the gate wasn’t ready yet) for another thirty minutes.
  • This is very important, especially to all the people sitting around you on the airplane.  You know how airplane cabins are pressurized?  Well, remember to vent your sippy cup if it has been sealed since you were on the ground.  Do you know how far into the air pressurized apple juice can shoot?