Shark Review

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No, not that kind of shark.

That kind of Shark.

For my birthday, my mom bought me this steam mop.  Katie asked me for a review of it because she is thinking about buying one.

I am kind of torn on the Shark.  I like it a lot, but then there are things that I do not like about it.  First of all, I like that it cleans without chemicals.  You put plain water into the mop, it heats it up and converts it to steam, and the steam cleans and sanitizes your floor.  It comes with reusable cloth pads, so no disposable pads to keep buying (or to find a way to work around).  The pads are easy to use and get fairly clean in the wash.  (But yeah, a white cleaning pad is going to stain a little.)

The main thing I don’t like about the Shark is that it is a bigger deal than my old Swiffer.  I have to pull it out, fill it up, plug it in, wait for it to heat up (which doesn’t take that long), mop, empty it (or not, but you are supposed to), wrap up the cord, and put it away.  So I find myself not mopping quite as often as I’d like, just because there is more work involved.  (However, my mom bought herself one too.  She was using a mop and bucket before and she is now mopping a lot more often because she finds this incredibly easy compared to the mop and bucket routine.)  But I am not using it every day like I used my Swiffer.

(But, I got rid of the Swiffer because it was always breaking.  Two of them broke.  And I hated that it didn’t have reusable options and the reusable options I found for it worked well, but not perfectly.  The refilled Swiffer bottle of cleaning fluid tended to leak.  So I am not saying the Swiffer was perfect.)

I also didn’t find the Shark to be the magical cleaning solution I was hoping for.  The people who lived in this house before us apparently never cleaned their floors.  I used a Magic Eraser to clean a crayon spot off the middle of the kitchen floor and discovered… a clean spot on the kitchen floor.  Apparently our linoleum isn’t supposed to be a tan color.  It is supposed to be white.  So, I was hoping that the Shark would return the linoleum to its original white color.  It didn’t.  I have no doubt that it is cleaner than it was, but the Shark isn’t a Magic Eraser.  (I have been scrubbing the floor in sections with Magic Eraser, but it is taking me ten million years and ten million Magic Erasers.  It may be cheaper in the long run just to replace the floor.)  But, I have no doubt that a Shark would be excellent at keeping a clean floor clean.  It just didn’t restore my disgusting floor to utter pristine-ness like I was hoping it would.

So, anyway, my overall review is, yes, it is good.  But it has flaws.  I would say that I do recommend it though.  And once I get my floor clean, I am going to go back to mopping once a day.  (I know, the floor is disgusting, so I mop less.  It doesn’t make sense.)  And hopefully that will keep the floor spotless.  Because one human member and two canine members of our family eat off the floor quite often.

Disclaimer: This post was totally not sponsored by the Shark people in any way.  It was sponsored by Katie, who asked for it, and my mom, who bought me the steam mop for my birthday.