The Dangers of Parmesan Cheese

I left most of this as a comment on a blog I read that put up a Don’t Vaccinate post.  Since it became quite long, and I thought it was somewhat interesting, I thought I would share it here.

I’ve done quite a lot of research on vaccines and also on the diseases that the vaccines protect us from. I fall firmly on the side of vaccination. The first vaccine was developed in 1796 (this post claimed that with improved sanitation and hygiene, diseases started disappearing in the 1940s and 1950s before vaccines were invented). Sanitation and hygiene offer us some protection us from waterborne diseases like dysentery, but they don’t impact airborne viruses like measles.

(In response to the question of “why would we put these things into our bodies on purpose?”)  Mercury has been removed from all vaccines (since 2001, I believe), but even when it was present, you get more mercury exposure from a single can of tuna than all your childhood vaccinations combined. Aluminum is in deodorant (not to mention aluminum foil, which we use to wrap food in). Urea is produced by the body naturally. MSG is in a tremendous amount of foods, including ramen noodles, McDonalds food (nearly all fast food actually), Parmesan cheese, etc. The formaldehyde in vaccines is not the same kind of formaldehyde used on dead bodies, it just shares the chemical name. Also, the formaldehyde in vaccines is naturally present in the body and in higher amounts. My point here is that we put these things into our bodies (or they are already there) every day, but no one bats an eye. When is the last time you heard about the dangers of Parmesan cheese?

Also, if you consider measles. They have a 90% transmission rate in unvaccinated individuals and a death rate of .3% and a disability rate of up to 10%. Compare that to child abduction, which terrifies parents. The rate of stranger child abduction is approximately one in one million. So, the odds of an exposed unvaccinated child catching measles (which are returning because of the lack of vaccination) is 90% and the odds of being abducted are .0000001%.  I find it interesting that parents choose not to vaccinate but will not allow their children in the front yard alone. The reasons vaccines were developed for these diseases is because these diseases are deadly and incapacitating.

I’m not saying that people should vaccinate without doing research. But in my opinion, the research falls firmly on the side of vaccination.