Friday Night Leftovers

  • Oh my heavens, I have houseguests that could appear here in an hour and the house is a mess.
  • I usually clean every night, but last night I didn’t and now I will PAY.  Yesterday’s mess is always so much worse than today’s mess.
  • I am starting a playgroup.  At the LLL meeting today, three of us decided we were bored.  We’ll go from there.  I volunteered my house because I like to stay home.
  • Elizabeth’s new favorite toy in the ENTIRE WORLD SERIOUSLY-MAMA-IT-IS-SO-AWESOME is an empty sample size bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.  She calls it “Soapy.”  She’d been taking an additional bath in the morning simply to play with Soapy, but this morning she realized that she could bring it downstairs.  I’m taking bets on how long it will be before she tries to get me to let her sleep with it.  (The answer will be no, sorry baby, the cap is too small.)  (Yeah, I just realized as I wrote this that I could take the cap off and let her sleep with the bottle.  I don’t know that I will though.)
  • I had ten million different leftovers in my head this morning while I was lying in bed and now they are all gone.
  • Oh, wait, thought of one.  There is a new TLC show called “Quints by Surprise.”  Every time I see a commercial, I think “when are quints ever NOT a surprise?”
  • I’m starting to get a lot of orders for those rainbow eggs.  I had to raise the price though, as I lost money on the first order.  I might have to raise it again soon.  (This will be your final warning.)
  • And now I must really clean the house.
  • Wait, how long does it take to roast a chicken?  I could totally look this up but I am feeling particularly lazy.  (And yeah, that is really lazy.)  And please answer that by the amount of time it takes to roast a chicken before 6:00pm tonight.